fashionable juxtaposition

Juxtaposition (n): an act or instance of placing close together or side by side,esp. for comparison or contrast.
Juxtaposition is my absolute favorite literary device.
I tend to see it more easily than any other form of devices.  I also tend to find it in my everyday life.  All.  The.  Time.  If it doesn’t exist on its own, then I kind of like to create it (i.e. being alone in a crowded city).
Recently, I’ve begun to see juxtaposition pop into my outfits.  And I am really loving it.  Mixing boyish looks with girlish accessories.  I think that men have it so easy when it comes to clothing.  They can just throw on a polo with any given pair of khakis and instantly look refined and put together… not so much for girl’s.
But I think we can capture the ease and comfort from men’s clothing, all the while still looking girly and put together.
Juxtaposition 1
Juxtaposition 2
Juxtaposition 3

I really recommend playing around with the idea of juxtaposition in your outfits… who knows, you may just begin to see it everywhere in your life too!

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I'm currently reading this post wearing an oversized denim snap button shirt but with the classic girly twist…pearls.

Juxtaposition is love.



I, too, am a fan of juxtapositions. I took a Spanish Lit class in college (taught in espanol) and I found a way to use "juxtapocicion" more than anyone else. It was the only thing that I could pick out of of Spanish literature.

Regardless, I love how you applied the term to fashion.

Love your entire blog. In fact I may spend all day reading through your blog's pages!


my mom and i call this the yin and the yang! like wearing pearls when you work out (which i do…)

also i "borrowed" one of my dads watches, which reminds me of the outfit combo you said with the mens watch, too cute!


I'm DYING over that men's flannel + girly shoes look. Love that literary device too 😉

Alsooooo, I'm running a giveaway which is right up your alley 🙂 stationery = the way to every girl's heart!

xoxo {av}


speaking of juxtaposition, I enjoy the juxtaposed sidebar with the girliness of college prep along side sports graphics & bihvhar. perhaps you can enlighten the rest of the non-rowing world on such matters.


Has someone been playing on Polyvore?? I LOVE THAT site and am addicted to putting together outfits I can never afford! 🙂