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I’m assuming most people are watching the Super Bowl tonight. I am… even though I’m not all that interested in the game, ha. I am excited to be with everyone throughout the day though and rumor has it that we’ll be playing a lot of games. Everyone is pretty competitive and I’m currently on a six-month winning streak. (Legit have not lost a game, no matter what they throw at me or team they put me on, in six months.) Hopefully, I maintain the streak today 😉

Now I love playing games. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the world. In my experience, there is always one person in the group who drags their feet about playing… and then they get super into it within ten minutes.

While we were in Stowe in January, the house we rented had a closet completely stocked with games. We were pretty excited about Trivial Pursuit but it ended up being the 1997 Canadian version. It was hilariously hard and, no joke, “Trudeau” was the answer 20% of the time.

As far as fun games to play with a group, I think there are good games to play and bad games to play. Monopoly, while fun and intense, is generally not a good idea. Games are also such a fun way to break the ice if you’re with people who may not all know each other or if you’re trying to get generations within a family to bond or if everyone tends to get glued to their phone instead of being present.

My favorites:

– Yahtzee // Always a good choice because it’s pretty much chance so no one can get hard feelings. My sister and I grew up playing this with our family so it may be part nostalgia. But… with that said, even if someone claims to hate it, they always seem to be having a great time when they roll a Yahtzee!

– Mad Gab // This was the most recent adoption by my family and we think it’s so fun. You basically have to phonetically say a phrase (without knowing the phrase) and try to guess what you’re saying. I love that this game works for people of all ages. My grandma loves it just as much as we do.

– Catch Phrase // We played this all the time in high school. I can’t remember exactly why we started playing, but I think we had to camp outside for tickets to one of our state championship games… or something like that. Someone brought Catch Phrase to pass the time and we played it nonstop from then on. (Obviously, I was in the popular crowd, haha.)

– Head’s Up! App // This is played on a phone so it would break a “no phone” rule. But… it’s SO MUCH FUN. When we were on Nantucket last summer, we must have played this for hours every night. Once the sun went down and dinner was over, popcorn was popped and the game was started! I highly, highly recommend playing. The best part is that there’s a video recording of each play. We sent these around to the group chat and laughed for months. (If my boyfriend ends up agreeing to be shown on the blog, the first thing I’m doing is uploading this video from one of our rounds. It is HILARIOUS and involves Julia’s husband Thomas and our friend Chassity.)

– UNO // Okay this doesn’t seem like it would jump out as being a top pick, but it’s actually a really great option for groups. It’s a game that’s easy to learn and can be played by the entire family. After we gave up on our Canadian Trivial Pursuit, UNO was our game of choice. We all got into it even though everyone was in their thirties.

– Charades // Charades is a classic and works so well at dinner parties or with medium-sized groups. Everyone has a couple of their own “house rules” but I love that you don’t need anything besides a bowl, pen/paper, and a good sense of humor. Last year I learned a fun new variation on it. There are three rounds and you play with the same batch of words/phrases. On the first round, you can do or say anything (except for the answer) to get the person to guess. Second round, you can only act it out. And on the third round, you can only say one word. There’s some strategy and memorization involved, which adds a fun new layer.

– Pictionary // My college friends and I would host games nights every Friday night. We had a few games we’d play a lot, but I remember Pictionary being our number one choice (Scattegories was a close second). We played this over Christmas too, with a giant whiteboard!

– Cards Against Humanity // This is not a game for every group. It’s definitely not PC and I wouldn’t recommend playing it with anyone who gets easily offended. With the right group and a good sense of humor, it’s so much fun. My family is pretty open and we can play with my parents without a problem, but I do know that some parents don’t love it, so… play with caution.

PS I bought Watch Ya Mouth to play this weekend… it’s the game where you use that plastic thing at the dentist to get all your teeth to show?! It looks like so much fun!!

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I’m in grad school, so most of us are in our mid to late twenties, but my friends and I get together to place games pretty much every Thursday night. We’re a big fan of traitor games (like Mafia and Werewolf) for bigger groups, or more classic games (like Clue) for a bit smaller groups. I just got the Bob Ross board game, though, and it’s one of my favorite things ever. Gorgeous game and super fun to play! Would recommend.


Scrabble is my absolute favourite game. I love trying to think of words! Some newer games I’ve enjoyed are Quirkle, the Oregon Trail card game (its especially fun if you loved the computer game!), Timeline, and Codenames.


There is a whole new world of boardgames out there beyond Hasbro games! My fiancee and I are huge nerds and we LOVE playing new games. Two I highly recommend to get you started:
Ticket to Ride


You’ll have to check out What Do You Meme. Very similar to Cards Against Humanity (just with a meme in place of the black card). Hilarious!

Anne Cole Walker

Definitely try “What Do You Meme?”! It’s a ton of fun! Inappropriate like Cards Against Humanity, but not as gross in some ways.


My friends/family are all obsessed with games and puzzles as well! One of our favorites that past few years is Sushi Go Party!


I love games too! I would highly recommend Utter Nonsense and What do you Meme…both are like Cards Against Humanity in that they are not PC at all, but they’re fresh takes on them once you want to move on to something a little different 🙂


I recently got back into Yahtzee last year while we were in the DR for reading week. We would play for hours in our room while we drank and had a blast! One game, by some miracle I got 4 Yahtzees so to this day my family still jokes that I cheated.
CAH is another favourite in my family. I bought it for our family gift exchange last Christmas and we decided it would be fun to play it right then and there. Playing with my mom and Nannie was a little awkward at the beginning but after a few rounds all of us were dying of laughter – especially because my Nannie, who barely understood the rules ended up winning the game.
Great memories all around when it comes to playing games with my family.
Side Note: Have you been to any board game cafes? They’ve drastically grown in popularity here and I see new ones popping up in Toronto all the time. It’s one of my favourite things to do with friends and we always end up finding new games we’ve never heard of before!


Catch Phrase was life in high school. So great to bring on any school trip -although that beeping noise will live with me forever. In Minnesota, people love card games and cribbage – which are super fun. I’ve also enjoyed Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and Carcassone. Pandemic’s fun because everyone plays together against the game.


I love games! I feel like it was a little uncool to play them for awhile but now I’m older and don’t care I love them! My favorites to play are monopoly deal (way faster than regular monopoly), phase 10, cards against humanity and family feud. When we play family feud we always make the “Steve Harvey” act just like him with aweful jokes. I’ve also played the mouth game before and it there was a lot of drooling😂


I play UNO and Euchre with friends every Friday night, definitely the highlight of my week! We just got Giant Uno and it’s so fun! Shorter (and a little less rutheless) than regular UNO, but I love the large cards.


Heads Up is also great for waiting in line. When my family went to Disneyland last year we would play it while waiting in line for rides. Suck a great way to pass the time.


My favorite board game is Secret Hitler. The name is jarring, but I have played it countless times and it NEVER gets old. Everyone always gets super into it, and I’ve played with with everyone from my SO’s family to coworkers to older relatives. It’s from the creators of Cards Against Humanity, too! It’s not vulgar like CAH, but just as fun and addicting. Highly recommend for the future!


This is a great game to play! I love role-playing games because everyone has a different take on on it!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Too be honest, I haven’t played board games in SO long, so ANY board game is a childhood throwback for me haha. There’s something very wholesome about playing board games in this digital age. That said, I do love Heads Up! It always gets everyone amped up haha. Uno and charades are classics. The only board game that I refuse to play with my brothers is chess; we would play when we were little but would always fight about the rules, and now I’m traumatised. And I still don’t know the correct rules haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


My friends and I are really into games too! My one friend even hosts a game night once a week and we play all different types of games. We just did ladies game night last night and played two of my favorite games – Telestrations and Monikers. Both so funny and easy to figure out.


You should try out Splendor and Code Names! You’ll especially like Code Names if you like doing the NY Times crossword


I like Sequence, and have always wanted to try Outrage! Also, Wil Wheaton has a youtube show called Tabletop where he and friends play a board game. Some of the ones they’ve played that sound like fun are Flashpoint and Codenames


LOL. That is always me on Game Day. The more social I can be or do anything but watch the game is what I am most likely doing. The Settlers of Catan is a FUN game! At first it sounded so lame but my ex-boyfriend, sister and I recently played (before we broke up) and had a blast. Games are not my absolute favorite but I could play that one forever! It just comes with a hefty price tag of $50.

Katie |


Love all of these games! If you’re looking for another one to add to the docket, I just started playing Codenames. It’s a word driven game that’s super fun to play with both acquaintances and loved ones!


Ah you totally got me with this post. My absolutely favourite games are jungle speed, dix it and werewolves – in that order. All originally French games I think, but if you can get your hands on them, do it!!


Well, I live in Europe and I don’t know if you are going to be able to find these games there, but everytime I brought with me to a meeting with friends “Time’s up” or “Saboteur” everybody wants to repeat another day 🙂


The timing of this post is spot on as I am planning activities for a family weekend away – I’ll be adding a few of these games to the collection.

If you’ve never played Exploding Kittens before, I’d highly recommend it. I think it would be right up your street!

Southern & Style

On New Year’s Eve last year, my husband and I went over to our couple-friend’s house & played “Watch Your Mouth” for the first time & it was hilarious and so much fun…but beware, you will drool EVERYWHERE!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style