It’s been years since I’ve shared some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. It changes over time and I find myself gravitating towards and away different types of accounts. When I open my Instagram account, I really want to be inspired by what I see. That’s not to say that I need to see picture perfect things, in fact, especially recently I prefer accounts where the stories and posts feel low-key, less produced, and more personal. Like I want to get a tiny glimpse of who you actually are! This isn’t an exhaustive list, by any means. Just sharing some favorites really sparking a lot of joy right now!

ELIN HILDERBRAND | @elinhilderbrand

I love Elin’s books, obviously, but I really love following her on Instagram too. She always has some kind of adventure up her sleeve– whether she’s sharing her daily life and favorites on Nantucket, her winter travels in the Virgin Islands, or her many book tours. She also shares things she’s cooking up in her gorgeous kitchen and insider information on her upcoming novels. (So many great tidbits dropped last week like a two-book deal she and her daughter are working on about a scandalous prep school!) I also really appreciate that she shares what she’s reading. I looooove seeing what she loved!

FRANCESCA ACCIARDO | @franacciardo

So funny story about Fran…. She was an OG blog reader. Like she was in middle school! (I have the cutest email from her in 2012 asking for advice for starting a blog.) Anyway, I had met her at least once when she was in high school and I lived in NYC. Then I ran into her randomly when I was in the city in 2021 and reconnected and now she is living in NYC. I love following her now to see what the “kids are up to.” (She’s also friends with one of the girls who helps me with my blog so I love seeing them together, too!) Fran is cool and always traveling to fun places and just all around having fun.

LYCETTE DESIGNS | @lycettedesigns

I am smitten with Lycette Designs. I would move to Palm Beach just to live nearby the flagship store. In the meantime, I get my daily dose of sunshine and needlepoint through their Instagram account. They share behind the scenes of the stores, needlepoint canvases in stock (including new and upcoming launches), lots of sunny scenes from Palm Beach, and vintage inspiration from Pinterest. Such a cheery account and makes me want to pick up my needlepoint canvases to stitch even more.


I think Mallory is the account I followed most recently. When I was searching for socks, sooooo many people DMed me her account as inspiration and I was instantly hooked. She has such great style– definitely a little cooler than I could ever pull off, but I’m still so inspired. I love seeing her daily outfits and just generally what she’s up to. She also shares great shopping finds. (It’s hard not to want to buy everything she recommends.)

MELISSA SMREKAR | @melissasmrekar

Melissa and I started following each other during the height of the pandemic and I don’t know what to say other than we hit it off from the very beginning. I love her. She has impeccable taste, is wickedly smart, and is just a nice girl. She is currently designing a new (to her) home in Dallas and I can’t wait to see what she does with it! One of the best things she does with her account is host “White Whale” stories every once and a while where she tries to help followers find their “White Whales.”

MORGAN HARPER NICHOLS | @morganharpernichols

I’ve shared MHN plenty of times but I want to reshare her account because I’ve been loving what she has been putting out there. Every day I’m inspired by her poems and artwork. She also somewhat recently shared that she is autistic and has been actively sharing stories and captions and art that are “unmasked.” Morgan mentioned that people have been unfollowing her because of it, which I can’t believe! Personally, I think her art has been even more poigent and interesting.

NAN PHILIP | @nanphilip

I met Nan at a dinner Melissa Smrekar hosted, actually. I love her!!! Talk about great taste. I’m always taking notes of the brands she is leaning towards and what pieces she’s adding to her wardrobe. She gives honest reviews and just has such a great eye for finding good things.

TESSA FOLEY | @nineandsixteen

I can’t remember when I started following Tessa, but I’ve been obsessed since first click. Her home is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. I love every nook and cranny!! She is an interior designer and shares various projects she works on and also shares the best cozy recipes for dinner and baked goods. I’m always saving what she makes!! She has recently started creating products and they’re gorgeous.

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Thanks for sharing your inspiration and reminding us that inspiration should be a source of joy, not stress or anxiety and comparison. One question…how do you only follow 50 accounts?! I’m so inspired by that but feel like if I cut ties on Instagram, I’ll never see it (this goes for family/friends I’m not super close with anymore and brands). Any advice?


Honestly it’s for my own mental health– I know it wouldn’t work for everyone but it’s just so much content. I prefer to keep it small and more manageable.


Morgan Harper Nichols is amazing! Agree with you–her work is better than ever.

Francesca Acciardo

I AM HONORED!!!! I bet that email is so embarrassing though 😂😂😂😂