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Instagram has changed so much over the years. I used to find it so inspiring but I feel like I’m in a little bit of a rut with it. Sometimes it feels… boring? I don’t know.
That said, I’m always on the lookout for cool accounts that bring new life to my feed! Here are some of the accounts that I’m really loving lately.

Lauren Wells’ Instagram is pretty much everything. She has such an eye for finding sweet moments in everyday life. Lauren is a true creative! Her Instagram is filled with year round Nantucket scenes, outfits to recreate, and travel inspiration galore. 
This is a very recent Insta find for me and I’m obsessed. Courtney Adamo is currently traveling around the world with her family. I love the idea of taking a year off with small children and traveling. Sounds crazy and amazing. The Instagrams are as idyllic as life gets.
Another family favorite on Instagram, Hannah Carpenter shares the cutest photos of her family. But if you really want to know why this account rocks? Her daughter Enid is literally the cutest thing in the world and her #thatenidgroove videos are TOO adorable. 
Is it normal to be obsessed with someone you have never met?! Because I think Jo Rodgers is so amazing and her Instagram account is just too good. She posts great recipes, lots of literary inspiration, and incredible travel shots! A must follow!

Would love your recommendations too! Who is your #1 must follow?

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Kristan Sudak

Thanks for the recommendations! I agree insta is getting boring, I feel like many bloggers post the same photos and all like the SAME things. Countless photos of peoples candles with letters on them… it's nice to see something fresh!


Please, please, please stop using "TOO" when you really mean "so". "TOO adorable"…too adorable for what? "Too good"…too good for what?


Love these accounts you follow! A few of my favorites lately have been @jackiegreaney, @lovelenore, and @lovesarahschneider 🙂

Elizabeth Zimmerman

I probably follow all the same people as you anyways. However, I had a question. Do you make an effort to get through your feed every day, or do you only scroll for a few minutes every so often?


I just started using Instagram and it is fun! Thanks for the above listed people. I added you to my list as well.
I want to read more as well and I'm happy to see that your love for reading came later. My teenage son isn't a fan yet. You give me hope! Ha!

Stay warm . . . It's even chilly here in Orlando!


I love Emily Quinton! She post beautiful florals and prop styling pictures that just make you so happy!

Mine is Jen Kessler about life in Seattle with my little fam. 🙂

I go through phases of being obsessed with IG and then, yeah, kinda being bored too.

Petite Carolyne

I am really enjoying @mariloubiz at the moment. She is a food blogger who posts beautiful pictures of her own culinary creations as well as of her daily life with her husband, one-eyed dog, and newborn daughter.