Five Favorite Lip Colors Right Now

For not really being that into makeup, I have recently realized that I’m pretty particular about lipstick shades and I have my favorites. It’s not even that I have two or three, I have about eight that I find myself rotating through depending on my mood, outfit, and the occasion.

Lipstick is also pretty personal. Just like foundation, certain shades are going to work with different skin tones. When Meghan came out to Nantucket, we literally each brought three lipsticks… and they were the exact same three. Even though it seems kind of crazy, we’re both super fair and trial and error led us to the same three brands/shades. Obviously, they work!

My current top five:

Nars Orgasm

Nars Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm // This is a non-lipstick lipstick. If you crossed a lip gloss with a tinted chapstick and a lipstick, this is what you’d get. It goes on so nicely and gives just the right amount of color. I feel like it enhances the natural lip color you already have and can even be worn over another lipstick as a kind of gloss. Because it’s so easy to put on and the color is subtle, it’s pretty low maintenance too; you don’t have to worry about reapplying or getting it on your teeth or anything! This is what I’ve been wearing on a nearly everyday basis.

Urban Decay “Naked” // This has been my favorite true lipstick of the summer. It’s a great, low-key pinky nude. It recently melted in my purse (whyyyyyy!) and I love it so much that I have been using it still even though it’s a mess. It’s really, really creamy and has full coverage. It’s such a great lipstick and I want to try out more colors for sure.

Bobbi Brown “Brownie” // Bobbi Brown makes amazing lipsticks. Whenever I go to a Bobbi Brown counter, I find myself trying on different color swatches. I have to really practice self-control to not purchase a new one every time. One color that I keep going back to is “Brownie.” It’s a bit of a darker nude and I just love the color of it. It’s one of those shades that works with your natural color.

Sephora Collection “Spring Break” // I got this as part of a sponsored campaign. I was nervous because I had never tried it before and I was blown away by the lipstick. It feels so good gliding on and the color is incredibly rich…. and it’s only $8. The “Spring Break” color is a darker pinkish red. I think it’ll definitely translate into the fall too.

Nars “Hell Gate” // I’m now realizing that this one is apparently a special edition lip color and no longer available. It’s a deep red and the coverage really sticks. It’s a lip color you have to commit to maintaining through the day, but when I want a fancier look it’s been a go-to. (I’m wearing it in this post!) I think this “Shirley” shade might be close…

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Southern & Style

I had no idea that Nars had a lip version of Orgasm, but now I really, really want it because that’s my favorite shade of blush basically of all-time!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


Beautiful! Any input on how your first option compares to the fresh sugar lip balm?

Ashley S

The NARS Orgasm lip color shade reminds me of my personal favorite–Fresh’s Sugar lip balm in Rose! The smell, color, and feel are perfect for just a hint of color and moisturizing. I’m fair skinned with dark hair, too, so I’ll have to check out some of these other shades!