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I inherited a lot of things from my mom. Our hands are identical. We both share the same quirky humor. I have lighter eyes like she has. And we have an uncanny sense of smell. It’s probably one of my better, if not best, senses. 
I love that smell can transport you back in time to meaningful and even simple events, complete with memories, emotions, and feelings. I can be walking down the corridor of Grand Central and smell my second grade classroom. I might hug an old friend and smell her laundry detergent and remember our endless sleepovers as kids. I love it!
Perfume is a huge trigger! I used to wear perfume regularly in high school and kind of stopped at some point in college. Every now and then I’ll try it again. I have to be super careful about perfumes because they can trigger migraines for me. I’m going through a perfume phase right now and thought I’d share my two current favorites:
Midnight Fleur easily became one of my favorite perfumes when I moved to New York. The rollerball is perfect for keeping in my handbag since I always would forget to put it on until I was already on the go. (It comes in a full sized version too.) Even though I love this perfume, I kind of wanted to try something new since I’m in a new state now!
(Side note: I used to have different “scents” for every grade in high school… If I smell that perfume, it takes me RIGHT BACK to whatever grade it was. So crazy!)
So I think my new scent is going to be Pinrose. I am so in love with this perfume. It’s a modern update on a classic scent, rose 2.0 if you will. It smells a old fashioned in a I-love-my-grandma kind of way without smelling outdated or old. Fresh and welcoming!
I’m 95% committed to making Pinrose my Connecticut scent (haha) but would love to hear your perfume suggestions too!

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