Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes

Garrett and I have been absolutely loving our slow cooker. Every Sunday we do what we refer to as “Slow Cooker Sunday.” Especially since it’s super chilly outside, there’s something pretty great about having a hot meal to enjoy. The slow cooker could not be easier. 
My biggest issue with slow cookers is that the recipes I find on Pinterest seem super unhealthy or unappealing. A lot of the photos gross me out if we’re being honest. But we have found some favorites!! While I try to pick something new every week, at least to try, there are days when I don’t want to research and/or we’re craving something we’ve already made.
Garrett made me the cutest binder to keep the printed recipes in. If a meal gets a good rating (you know, from us…) then it gets ceremoniously hole punched and added to the binder. It’s dorky and one of my favorite parts of cooking in the slow cooker! Ha!
BEEF STEW by Family Fresh Meals // This is definitely one of the best ones out there. Beef stew was one of the first things I made, but I made the mistake of picking the most difficult recipes out there. (It involved about 45 minutes of pre-cooking.) This recipe is SUPER easy and has all the flavor and delicious-ness you could ever want.

TACO CHICKEN BOWLS by Budget Bytes // Hands down, this is our favorite. It. Is. So. Good. I mean, really good. My friend Evann recommended it and I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve made it. There is zero prep work involved (no chopping or anything) and the chicken shreds perfectly. We put ours on top of rice and then crunch up some chips… YUM. Great for leftovers too!
POTATO and CORN CHOWDER by Damn Delicious // I picked this one out because Garrett loves anything with potatoes. I have to admit, what we ended up making did NOT look like the picture and it was more soup than it was chowder, but, man, did it taste good. This is a you-will-go-back-for-seconds dish!
BBQ CHICKEN by Family Fresh Meals // If you need to make a lot of food for a casual party, I would 100% recommend this. We had lots of leftovers and I literally ate it every day for lunch for almost a week… with no complaints. Perfect recipe for BBQ chicken sandwiches… Really recommend using Kings Hawaiian rolls and adding your favorite cole slaw.
FAMILY FAVORITE CHILI by Betty Crocker // One cold day, I was determined to make chili. My mom makes the best on the stove, but I wanted to try a slow cooker recipe. There are hundreds of recipes out there, so I was really patient going through and reading all the reviews. That’s one trick I’ve learned… read reviews. This one was a huge hit for us! I even froze some of the leftovers to heat up afterward.
Would love to know if you have any favorite slow cooker recipes!

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Audrey Lin

The potato and corn chowder looks so good! Yesterday was National Soup Day, so my campus dining hall had a whole table of different kinds of chowders and it was glorious. I had a tiny bowl of everything. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I LOVE my crock pot! I usually make at least one or two meals a week with it. We have the Hamilton Beach programmable one, you can set the time and heat setting (high or low) and once it's done, it switches over to warm! Highly recommend it.

As for recipes, is the BEST food blog. She has a ton of crock pot recipes (my favorite is the Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken and all of her chili recipes are amazing!). They're also relatively healthy as well 🙂



I frequently defrost a bag of chicken breasts and drain the juices, put the chicken and a box of stock in the crockpot and cook them for 7 hours on low. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon and shred. Then I use it throughout the week for chicken salad, B&BW chicken sandwiches, buffalo chicken sliders, top a salad, etc.