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I seriously get sucked into Youtube. It’s… addicting. I call it the Youtube Black Hole. You stumble on one video and the next thing you know it’s an hour later and you’ve watched everything from celebrity interviews, puppies finding their reflections in the mirror, and movie trailers. (Movie trailers are the biggest black hole…)
The worst though? When you find a video that you have to watch fourteen times in a row and show all your friends and then watch it again. Like that one video where the girl twerks and falls over… must have watched that for an hour.
I also give everyone who Youtubes regular so much credit. I love posting videos, but filming and editing takes so much time and I get beyond frustrated having to hear myself say the same thing over and over again. (I hate my voice… anyone else?)
Recently, I’ve been subscribing to Youtube channels. I’m hooked. Some of my favorites:

Teen Vogue’s channel brings one of my favorite magazines to life. I love all the series, but especially Breakfast with Bevan
Some of my favorite ones:
And the Besties series is great too:
If you don’t want to be friends with Kiernan after this, I am worried about you 😉

Sarah is the cutest… definitely have a little girl crush on her. I really think she’s so funny and you really feel like you totally know her in real life.

It’s our favorite LO! She started posted to Youtube and they’re great. Love her beauty videos!

I love all of their series.. of course love Kid President.
I’ve loved them for a really, really long time… and they just keep getting better. Makes me want to get Stacy to join a band with me (and clone us a few extra sisters all in the name of harmony).

What is your favorite Youtube account?


PS Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel… sometimes I do actually upload new ones 😉

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hahaha, i love how you call it: "the youtube black hole" hahaha totally agree…. i don't watch tv at all … youtube is my television 🙂

Argyle Girl

It is so easy to get sucked into the "Youtube black hole"! I'm just glad you've given it a name! Hahaha I've loved Cimorelli for a long time. Those harmonies? Aca-mazing! I'll definitely have to check out your other recommendations. I know what I'll be doing this weekend… Thanks for the suggestions!

Argyle Girl |

Cristina Marie

YouTube is 100% a black hole! Oh..and I hate my voice too. I think it's just in our own friends always said I had the perfect voice for radio?? haha but back to the YouTube vortex. I usually spend hours watching cute cats and dogs. I can't help it!

Cristina Marie