Featured: The Style Line

The Style Line just relaunched and I’m so honored that they featured me!
It was really fun spending time with The Style Line’s CEO Rachel Schwartzmann. We went to all of my favorite little places around the Upper East Side.
Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time on the UES, but it’s just one of those things that I love on the weekend. I don’t have to get on the subway, I can eat at my favorite places, do a smidge of shopping, and (my favorite part) people watch. I love this neighborhood!
Swing by The Style Line for the full feature (and more pictures)!
It’s almost sad how many times I go to the Kate Spade 789 Madison store. But then again… it’s Kate Spade. So it’s all good.

What I’m wearing:

Dress, Kate Spade
Shoes, J. Crew
This is seriously what I look like when I’m running around errands on the weekends. (Okay, so I probably wouldn’t be wearing heels!!!) I go to the place that’s the farthest and work my way back up to my apartment. I look like a total bag lady by the time I get back to my street!

The Met is one of the BEST people watching places. I live super close to it (also a great Central Park entrance!) and go there on Saturday mid-mornings. So many tourists. I secretly love it. I grab a Starbucks on my way and just sit and watch. I almost always bring a book, but I’m distracted by everything going on!
What I’m wearing:
Headband, Gina Made It
Shirt, J. Crew
Necklace, Tuckernuck
Skirt, Molly B
Flats, J. Crew
Bag, J. Crew
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban
Oh! And they stopped by Levo’s office too! You can read more about Levo League and what it’s all about!
Thanks Rachel + The Style Line!!!
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Ashley L.

So jealous! This looks like so much fun and as always you and your outfits are great!