It should come as no surprise that I love a good hair accessory. I really like how my hair looks down, but the reality of wearing it down can drive me crazy. Too humid? Frizz. Too dry? Static. Curls falling out, hair wash schedule, etc. I also just sometimes want it out of my face so I’m not tempted to touch or play with it. I would say that I have my hair pulled back into a pony or bun (or braid if it’s long enough) 90% of the time. It’s just easier. And I love a good hair ribbon 😉 Have my whole life and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I LOVE that brands have really been investing in quality hair accessories that are cute and functional. Especially for the holidays, I love that it can add a little something extra to any outfit. Even a basic black dress or a sweater and jeans– adding a hair accessory of some kind can elevate it to a more festive look! (They can also be an easy way to transform a look you already own without spending too much money.)

PS Fun idea for New Year’s Eve, too!

Shop the styles below:

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