Final Countdown!

With finals quickly approaching, I thought I’d do a little refresher on my study tips… (for more, refer to INTENSE STUDY TIPS).
My game plan:
Get a calendar (or make one) and write down everything that is due!

Seeing everything laid out will help you plan your attack!
Start figuring out when you need to start everything.  I like to start with the LAST thing that is due and work backwards.  For instance, I have two exams on May 9, so I plan backwards to know when to start studying for that.  Then I have two projects due May 6, so I plan on when I need to start that.
As I go backwards, I have a mental image (you may want to draw it out if you can’t store the image in your brain) of overlapping “activity lines” for each thing due.

In my notebook, I have everything written out again where I can see everything lined up on one page (the right side of the notebook).  On the left side, I keep mini daily to-do lists!  Normally they’re much neater, but as the semester winds down, I end up scribbling things down as I think of them!  It’s my morning routine to mentally prepare my list, and then once I sit down to begin work, I write it down.
And because I just love love love progress, I started this word document where I highlight days and assignments as I go along.  This is the ULTIMATE way to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!
And there is light.  Remember, there is always light.
Sometimes I forget.
And sometimes I am absolutely convinced that I will not make it.
That I will not survive.
But then, I pop out of the tunnel.  And I emerge in the most glorious light that can only be summer.  And I survive.
Good Luck!!!

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You go girl! I am so impressed with your organizing! I absolutely do not miss doing all that in college. Good luck to you on your final exams and projects. I just got the book today for book club and am excited to start reading it. SO happy that you are doing a bloggy bookclub. I participated in another one, but it apparently fizzled out.


Love this! I have to write EVERYTHING down… I have 3 types of to-do lists. A long-term one, a short-term one, and one that has to be done the day I write it.


I have a ton of projects due, so I'll definitely be trying out your "work backwards" method. And I really hate it how we can never get a break without finals first…


You should do Teach for America! This is exactly how they train teachers to plan an entire calendar years beginning with a giant year long goal, breaking it down into units, then into lesson plans and daily goals. Then we work backward from the final goal. You already have it all figured out!