First Lilly of the Year

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I wore a Lilly dress this year. One of my favorite parts of spring is switching over my closet and pulling out my Lillys. Even if it’s weeks before I can wear one, it’s nice to see the color in my closet!!
This particular Lilly is new and the minute I saw it in the store, I knew I had to have it for my trip to Boca Grande. I was too late to order it online so it turned into a little scavenger hunt to find it in my size; two stores in Connecticut and three in Tampa before I finally located it! (If you do order it, note that it runs pretty big. I’m wearing the 00 here and still might get a couple of darts put in the back.)
I just love how it looks like a typical shift dress from the front with a fun racerback detail on the back. Also, I feel like I did a pretty good job at coordinating with the Gasparilla Inn– the yellow daisies popped with the yellow striped umbrellas!
(Side note… my hair has like tripled in length. I need a cut asap!)

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Hi! I love this dress but am hesitant to buy because of my chest. I hope you don't mind me asking, what kind of bra are you wearing? Does it need one? (I sometimes Lilly helps a girl out with built in ones)Thanks!


I'm not wearing one ???????? It doesn't have a built-in, but I think some strapless bras would work

Ashley Bautista

I love that dress on you! I think that the back had me hesitant as well because I typically wear strapless with lilly and when i tried it on, the bra showed in the back. I loveeee the racerback detailing though!


Mana Smith

I think in that case a super cute lace bandeau would work, you can cover your regular strapless skintone bra with the lace bandeau.

Leda Olia

I love how you're wearing your hair so beachy here! Is this your natural hair texture? Or have you done something to it?

xx Leda


Katelyn Chef

I saw this on Twitter & had to read-it for myself! very lovely! And the back is my fav!!

Happy Hump-Day