First Week Outfits (plus rainy days)

I am honestly shocked at how quickly this semester is getting underway.  Senior year is very… different than the previous three.
So far I love…
Taking classes I actually want to take.
TAing for my favorite class ever.  (It’s like I’m taking it again!)
Having a meal plan.  The dining hall has a lot of issues that they need to work out, but I missed it overall.
My single dorm rom (but I miss Little V terribly).
Not having to plan around crew practices.
Recognizing lots of friends in classes!
Running around DC and exploring new places.
Meeting up Hoyas who read College Prep.
I’m getting into the swing of things again.  It was very luxurious this summer having 100% of my time dedicated to College Prep, Prep Talk, Sweet Lemon, etc… Now that I have more on my plate, it’s been a bit of a challenge squeezing everything in (and staying sane in the process).
I know it’s really late, but want to know what I wore throughout the first few days back in class?
This was my FDO.  The button down is from Ann Taylor Loft.  I’m extremely excited that one is opening up in Georgetown.
Here come the rainy day outfits…. it rained SO SO SO much.  Oh brother was it annoying (and surprisingly chilly).

How’s everyone else settling in?  Did you have to pull out the wellies and bean boots too?

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Yay I'm the first! (guess that what happens when your up at 2am making note cards) On the first day for it me it was wonderful, sunny and beautiful, I paired up shorts and a tank, and a cardigan, and my fav ballerina flats. But yes I to am on the east coast and it wasn't long before the monsoon came and I was in an Oxford jeans and rain boots. But all is great.


I had to wear my rainboots the second week in…but they were my pink and green polo boots so I didn't mind! 🙂

Legally Brunette Kate

It's been pretty hot this week in DC, but it looks like I'll have the chance to break out a pair of fall boots today. I'm probably more excited than I should be…


Love the leopard belt, it is the perfect touch! I cant wait for the fall weather to start here, I see everyone in sweaters and tights and boots and I'm still sweltering in sundresses. Stupid california!!!