Five Fun Ways to Welcome Spring

Oh, hello there spring.
Finally. FINALLY!!!! The weather is wonderful. The city is absolutely coming to life right now. You know that scene from The Secret Garden where everything comes into bloom? Yep. That’s what is currently going on. Everyone is out and about, eating outside and running with puppies. I have most definitely missed the whole warm weather, going outside without a jacket thing. 
Aside from throwing a party (which now that I think about it would actually be wonderful), how else can we welcome this glorious season?
Here are the five things that absolutely must be done to celebrate and ring in the spring!!

ONE | Pedicures! Oh goodness. I haven’t had a pedicure since Thanksgiving break. I hardly see the point during the winter when my toes are buried under wool socks and riding boots. But now that we’re pushing into ballet flats and (eep!) open-toed shoes, pedicures are quite necessary. I love painting my own fingernails, but I’m terrible at my toes. It’s also definitely one of the only times when I’m okay with  people touching me. Bonus? Twentyish minutes of relaxation!
TWO | Switching over your closet! Keep the light sweaters and your spring jackets out. As for the thick sweaters and heavy coats, pack them away! I think a great trick (and time-saver when fall comes around) is to get everything dry-cleaned now and then pop them into vacuum bags for safe keeping. Definitely try everything on and make sure things fit right and that you’re still into the styles. I am getting a bunch of skirts tailored for the new season.
THREE | Stock up on sunscreen! If your makeup doesn’t already have SPF, it’s time to head to Sephora. Even though I wear sunscreen every day (and have for years), I still have some skin damage from years out on rivers from coxing. Even my regular lotion has SPF in it. Yeah, I’m one of those people who gets sunburns from walking outside for three minutes.
FOUR | Find the best outdoor cafe! I’m officially on the hunt for the best little place to sit outside and grab a quick bite to eat. Or drink coffee. It’s been great to walk around a bit in the neighborhood and see restaurants setting up umbrellas and tables on the sidewalk. Anyone who wants to join me in this hunt, let me know.
FIVE | Choose the perfect spring lip color! I’ve really been trying to wear lipstick more often. I have this amazing shade of lipstick, but now I’m thinking that I need something a little brighter now that it’s warmer. (Bobbi Brown ‘Rose’ is in the lead right now!) As much as I love a bright and colorful dress, I’ve been leaning way much more towards basics (like button ups and shirt dresses). Bright lips, now that’s a quick win to get a pop of color and feeling springy.
How will you be welcoming spring?

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I've been wearing skirts and dresses in bright colors with sandals. I'm so happy it's finally decided to warm up!


Revlon Lip Butter is a really nice lipstick! I recently bought "Sweet Tart"! It's a nice pink. It's bright, but not too bright!


Love these ideas, so much fun to think about spring!

For an outdoor cafe in New York you MUST check out Saturdays Surf on Crosby in Soho. It's a surf shop that serves La Colombe coffee with a garden outback. You can seriously forget that you're in NYC! 🙂

Aryn Hill

#2 for sure! I went to get dressed this morning and had to dig through all my winter clothing! It took forever to find an outfit!


i've done all of them but #4 and that's mainly because where i live there really isn't anywhere to do that unless i drive at least 20 minutes. and for #3, i completely agree. even my self tanner has sunscreen in it. and then i put more sunscreen on top.
ps it's warmer in new york than it is in san diego right now.

Sam (Savvy City Chic)

I have found out about the cutest little wine and cheese restaurant with outdoor seating in NYC. I have been dying to go and sit outside all night and drink wine with friends.


Outdoor cafe hunt– count me in! I think I am going to spend a whole day sometime this Spring just tasting iced coffees at different places.