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Not into traditional gift giving? Or, do you need to get a gift for someone who “has everything”? Or do you need to get something for a recipient who’s hard to please?
I typically buy presents for my friends and family members because I know that they’ll like something specific. But, sometimes I really come up short!
These ideas are fun little things that you can do to surprise that hard-to-shop-for family member or friend. Plus, they’re extra fun because they’re unexpected and a little bit unusual! Some of them require a little bit of planning (and maybe some help from an accomplice).
1. Monthly Subscription Box | Sign your friend up for a month or two of her favorite subscription box. Whether it’s Birchbox or Julep or whatever…. it’s a fun way to surprise her! This is great for girls who talk about signing up, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet! If you do more than one month it’s an extra surprise that continues even after the holidays!
2. Fun Friend “Date” | Tell your friend (or sister or mom or cousin, etc.) to dress a specific way and tell her you’re picking her up at a specific time. Give as little information as possible– blindfold if necessary! Go see a movie that you’re both dying to see. Take her to a concert with your mutually favorite band. Go paint pottery. Have a mini-roadtrip to an ice skating rink. Go antiquing! Do something that you both enjoy. It’s extra special if it’s something both of you have in common with each other… do “your thing.”
3. Photo Albums | This seems kind of lame… but when was the last time you printed pictures? You can print pictures from Facebook now (or at least download the HQ ones), but doing a little investigative digging is the best option. Have someone help you (like her boyfriend/mom) to get the digital files and go on a printing spree. Print everything from her latest vacation pictures to ridiculously old prom pictures!
4. To-Read Books | If she’s nerdy (like me) and has a Goodreads account, see what’s on her to-read shelf and buy the books for her! Start early and search on Amazon for the best prices. Buying lots of books can get expensive, so be sure to be smart about it! Wrap the books with a big ribbon and she’s got a mini-collectors set. (Some friends might have a board on Pinterest with books too.)
5. Pre-Paid Manicure | A lot of my friends go to the same nail salon and we’ve become friends with the ladies who do our nails. Swing by the salon and pay for your friend’s next manicure. How fun would that be to get your nails done, and right when you go to pay, the lady tells you it’s already paid for! (This is like the beauty version of paying the toll for the car behind you!!)
Do you have any suggestions for fun, unexpected holiday gifts?
PS Don’t forget to shop the Kate Spade cyber sale! Hurry– it ends tonight!!!

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I looove that book idea!! It feels really personal but it's also super practical. Last year I bought my mom a 6 month Birchbox subscription and she loved it. Great suggestions!