Five Things You Should Know How to Do in a Pinch

I have a very “mom” tendency. You know when you’re labeled the “mom” of the group? That’s me. Bandaids, stamps, sewing kit, lip balm, ponytail holders, spare Metrocards, mints, medicine… Pretty much everything I carry with me at all times. Mostly for myself and my sanity, but also to help save others! I’m the girl to go to for absolutely anything you might possibly need. Oh, and go ahead and laugh… you’ll be the first person to need a safety pin or the next one to get a blister from new shoes. Trust me on this.

These five things seriously come in handy too. I think everyone should know how to do all of these things, because you never really know when you might need it. Oh, and isn’t it always life that you need to perform these acts in a pinch? Always.

ONE // Sew a Button

I probably pop buttons off shirts and blazers once a week. Rarely does it happen when I’m in my apartment. I’m always out and about. I have to pop into a bathroom somewhere and quickly sew the button back on. My mom sews and I guess at some point during my childhood I learned how to sew (at least a little bit). Buttons are really not that hard at all!

You’ll need a little sewing kit (store a few spare buttons there too!). When in doubt, use more thread than you need and go back and forth a few extra times.

(This video on Youtube clearly shows an easy and quick way to sew one. Definitely recommend practicing this a few times so you’re prepared when a button pops off!)

TWO // Whip Up a Quick Salad

Impromptu dinner plans with friends? Find yourself starving on the weekend? Need to impress someone’s parents?

I think having a signature salad is the best. I’m always in awe of my friends who can randomly pick up ingredients in the grocery store and then just whip up anything in the kitchen. NOT ME. But I do know how to make one salad and it’s good. It’s turned into a serious go-to… and isn’t boring. So it turns into a winner whenever I need it! 

THREE // Remove a Coffee Stain

Oh you know. I rarely spill… but when I do, it’s always on an important day or on my most favorite dress. I find that blotting a towel or paper towel (more than damp) onto the shirt right away can make a stain less apparent. A stain stick is also a good option. Unfortunately, it won’t be perfect… but blotting can do the trick if you get to it in time. Don’t forget to blot from the inside of your shirt dress as well.

(Another quick stain removal: deodorant. Have you ever looked down and saw in horror that your dark shirt had deodorant on it from the morning? Rubbing the same fabric of your shirt over the mark will make it disappear!)

FOUR // Phone Numbers to Keep on Hand

I rarely memorize people’s phone numbers anymore. I can remember all of the house phones of my best friends from childhood, but hardly any cellphones. My mom, dad, and sister are pretty much it. However, I realized when I almost locked myself out of my apartment sans iPhone, I didn’t know anyone in NYC’s phone number. Now I’m working to memorize a few of my friends’ numbers.

Well this isn’t exactly something you need to know. But it’s definitely something you should have prepared in case something happens to you. Make sure you have an “In Case of Emergency” phone number programmed in your phone. Add “ICE” and the relationship to that person as a contact!
FIVE // Send Your Resume

Everyone should have a copy of your resume on your phone. I have Dropbox (the app) on my phone with a bunch of files. My resume is absolutely one of them. It’s a step up from a business card. You can immediately send the file to a friend you run into (who knows of an incredibly awesome job) or someone who happens to be hiring. You look awesome and prepared and that job is yours.

Dropbox makes it so easy to send the resume and you can attach it right into the email. Bam.

What else do you think you should know how to do in a pinch?


PS Have you created your “OMG I wish I had a…” kit yet?

PPS These little guys are also helpful!

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I am totally the "mom" in my group of friends too. I always have anything with me you could think of! One thing I think you should know how to do in a pinch is how to combat a bad hair day. I always find that I carry a brush and hair ties with me at all times 🙂


Alexandra Steinmetz

I have a sewing kit in my desk for whenever buttons pop off! I think it's totally necessary!

Oh, and my trick for memorizing numbers is to put a few friends numbers in my phone but not their name. My roommates phone number is under the number and just out of force of habit and seeing it I completely have it memorized for those times when I need to get a hold of her sans iPhone!

Meredith Scroggin

My friends always make fun of me for carrying everything and being the mom, but I've realized that they adore that I carry nail clippers with me…you always need them for hang nails or impromptu scissors!


Preppy Pink Crocodile

I just mentioned the other day that I need to write down my car license plate number and keep it in my wallet. Because when I'm in stores and they announce a licence, I seriously have no idea if that's my car. So I assume it isn't. Which is a super awesome way to go about life- ha. I can't even tell you one number or letter from my tag. Must. Do. Tomorrow.