As you may recall in my 2009 Favorites blog post, I am really feeling the flannel. The freshmen boys on the team were really feeling the flannel during the winter training trip. They were always rocking the flannel shirts. I love them to death… they wanted to be on the blog, but I didn’t get any good pictures unfortunately.

The trip to South Carolina was FRIGID. Oh my lord was it cold. The water would literally freeze on the oars while we were rowing. When we launched for our morning practices, everything was covered in ice! We (the coxswains) couldn’t move the steering because it was frozen in place.

Of course, the last day of the trip was warmer than the other days. (Above freezing for once!) We had a sort of “race” in the afternoon with mixed lineups. All of the coxswains wore flannel shirts!!!

Me and Little V in our matching vests. Mine’s from Vineyard Vines and V’s is Patagonia. (I copied her….)

All the coxswains!!! We all look normal sized standing together haha… I look pretty tall!

Lastly, here is a video of the seniors jumping into the FREEZING water. They’re crazy.

-College Prepster

PS I’m totally in denial about actually having homework to do. I keep thinking I’m still on break. But of course, I’m definitely not. Middle East history reading is calling my name. Blah.

PPS It doesn’t look that the trip was that cold from these pictures (and especially the video). But I promise it was! Check out these pictures that the local newspaper took. I’m the puff. I’m not normally that big. I’m just wearing: under armor shirt, long sleeved shirt, vest, fleece, puffer jacket, nor’easter jacket, spandex tights, patagonia r1s, sweatpants, nor’easter pants. Yea, no big deal.

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It looks colder than cold – eek! I keep meaning to ask if you read Queen Bee Swain? She is also a coxswain and très preptastic!

Hope your weekend is simply divine!