Fleece Weather

It’s happening… the cooler weather is here! Or at least it’s showed up a tiny bit. I imagine we have at least a few more warm days still. But it was definitely chilly today. I swapped my walk-Teddy-in-the-morning shorts for leggings and I’ve officially pulled my favorite fleeces for the season.
These are everything. They are a bit pricey but so worth the investment. I got two in college and have worn them religiously every fall through late spring. The coziest. The comfiest.

I think they’re the best things to throw on after the gym, or to walk the dog in, or to run errands in. Or just to lounge around the house. I’d go with a neutral color for your first and then I would 100% get a fun bright color for your next.

If you’re in between sizes, go up for a comfy look.

Anyone else have/love this pullover?!


PS I also LOVE this snap tee– looks like it was borrowed from the boys!

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I have that style Patagonia in a lavender and I absolutely love it! It's perfect in almost any situation instead of throwing on a sweatshirt (which I do way too often)


Mary Erickson

I have the grey with the pink edges and pocket. I bought it while in Colorado on impulse! I don't regret it! Easily one of the best purchases ever! I've had it for 3 years and looks just as good now as the day I bought it!

Rachel S.

I've had mine (the cream) almost 4 years now, and it still looks great! I can't say enough about all of Patagonia's pullovers. I've also gotten the better sweater 1/4 zip and the mens/unisex diamond snap-t over the last 4 years. They really are worth the investment. They all look as good as the day I bought them, and they keep me warm in the cold Boston winters!

Caroline Biggs

Patagonia is about minimalism, check out their worn wear campaign. So maybe just suggest to your readers they buy one until it's no longer wearable! Patagonia is trying to have people buy LESS