This past weekend, Elsa and I went to a holiday fair called Fine Day Fair. It was the perfect mini road trip (about 90 minutes away). We both felt like we were able to escape and get away without committing to a huge trip. It ended up being a beautiful day out too. A little foggy and overcast in the morning and then the sun came out. So fun to look at all the vendors and also explore the surrounding area.

I am obsessed with this outfit. I feel like it’s “me” and also a little different than me, too. This dress is from a new-to-me brand called Olivia James. They gifted it to me and, omg, it’s amazing. I literally want to wear it every day. (Oh, and they also kindly gave me a code– you can use CARLY25 for 25% off sitewide.)

Something funny about finishing weaning and going two years constrained by pregnancy and postpartum and breastfeeding requirements… now I’m having fun getting dressed again! I am loving trying new brands and at least attempting to try silhouettes that I wouldn’t have even tried before. I still feel like I’m being true to myself, but, you know, at least trying something new!

I’m so glad I packed this little cardigan. The forecast was saying 70 degrees, but it ended up being a little cooler with the sun coverage. I wore it all day! No literally, all day.

I was planning on changing out my accessories (shoes and tote) before going into the city for the night. Mike and I had planned on going out to dinner with friends and doing a staycation at a hotel…. but life had other plans! I was accidentally locked out of the house. So I got back to the house and, womp womp, couldn’t get in and Mike was already in the city. I will say, it was a good testament to our home security because I tried a dozen ways to get in and failed, haha. I ended up just Ubering into the city, in this outfit sneakers and tote and all, for our dinner reservation, and then Ubering back home with Mike’s set of house keys. Woof.

So anyway, this outfit went from day to night unintentionally!

Dress (c/o) // Sneakers // Sweater // Bag (large, long handles)


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Ooh would love a post on home security tips! (Obviously only if you’re comfortable with sharing)