I’m so jealous of all the Georgetown students who got to go to Foxfields this past weekend. I’ve been going through everyone’s Facebook albums lusting over the cuteness! We had the regatta on Saturday, so I couldn’t go…. maybe one day!

Making her College Prepster debut: one of my bestest, cutest, most adorable friends Politician Preppie. She and I have the best heart to hearts every Monday at 1pm. And she’s part of our Rugby Tuesday group! How fabulous does she look in her little Lilly? And her date, the bow tie= LOVE.

Miss Molly (on the right) and I mostly run into each other in the Vineyard Vines store where she works. We also had to suffer through the terrors of freshman accounting and international business together. She always looks so cute– I just had to borrow some of her Facebook pictures! (How fantastic is her hat?) One of my Lilly pennants is the same fabric as the girl on the left! Right in the center!

My first Lilly dress was in the same pattern as the dress she wore…. so I loved it even more!

Finally, here’s my roommate (in the middle) with her sister and friend. I love the red!!!! (I have a whole post ready to go about this other dress she bought… you guys will die!)


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I have the red dress in blue! So incredibly comfortable with a hidden pocket, courtesy of The Pink Palm.

Kathie Truitt

I didn't get to go this year but I do have to brag! A good friends son won third in that race and won first at the Piedmont a few weeks back.

I'll also have to miss Gold Cup this year as well which of course is my favorite. Hopefully weather won't be as wet for you in a few weeks.


How adorable all the dresses are plus a great looking bunch of gals. I too love the red one your roommate has on!!!


OMG! Everyone looks so preppy! Especially the two girls with the hats in the second picture!

I love their preppy clothes!


Ahh I know all 3 girls in the bottom photo–the two girls with liz were in my class in middle school! Too weird!!!

@pony size, friend of vft

lil v,

it's not irony that the vft is preppy. her preppiness gives her MORE authority to comment on CP – she never criticized preppy lifestyles, just how silly this blog is…big difference. don't you think someone who actually WAS preppy has more clout to say when a person forcing preppiness looks pathetic? stop misinterpreting to avoid what's really being criticized, it's just sad.


The Preppy Ladybug

Oh my gosh! I live in Atlanta and I visited one of my best friends in DC for the Cherry Blossom festival. Of course I went nuts in Vineyard Vines because we don't have one and Molly helped me! What a small world!

That looks like so much fun! I'm sad I missed Steeplechase last weekend. :o(

christina Bennett-Kirkwood

CP, i stubbled across your blog a few months ago and completely enjoy it. This is the first time you have mentioned rugby since I've started reading your blog, you play rugby? That's great I have my own rugby store. I would love to talk to you and the other girls about kit.


Yeah, forced preppiness is sad.

I am sorry, but as much as I love preppy stuff, those girls look ridiculously out of their element.