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Sporty Sister is settling well into the college life– getting the lay of the land, right SS [ha]? Thankfully, she came home for a weekend visit. I hadn’t seen her since CHRISTMAS. That is just unacceptable for sisters. We went out on the boat as a family and we’re all sort of beginning to realize we don’t have much more time for these kinds of family things.

Anyways, part of her weekend trip was to gear up for rush. I (thankfully) never had to do the whole rush thing as Georgetown doesn’t have traditional greek life. It’s just not my thing. Sporty Sister is starting to plan her outfits and shopping around for “Game Day” attire. She is stocking up on the orange and blue!

Well, The Gameday Girls emailed me about these super fabulous and preppy hand-painted earrings for southern schools. These would definitely complete a game day outfit. I’m talking the cherry on top of a very yummy ice cream sundae.

The Gameday Girls carries items for UF, Clemson, FSU, UGA, and Miami. Oh I really wish Sporty Sister would stock up on them! I know her little roommate would LOVE them. [Mon, if you’re reading this…. which you totally should be… BUY THESE ASAP! xoxo]

Uhhhh, so how absolutely fabulous is the gator?!

Oh, and it doesn’t stop at just earrings.

Whoa, loving the necklace.

Alright my little southern students. Stock up.


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It's great to be a Florida Gator! I want some of those pearls for when I'm at the Swamp! Maybe they could make some for Mississippi State…I could use some for cheering here at grad school!

Clare Lennon

From a UF rush veteran…tell your sister to drink LOTS of water and have fun 🙂 I'll be on the other side of rush for the first time. Orange and blue are always great!


Oh my goodness i'm obsessed! Stace and I want them!! <3 thanks for the shout out!! miss you!


I was lucky to go to a school without much of a sorority life as well, because I don't really think I could handle greek life or the rushing process. Good luck to your sister, I'm sure she will be looking fabulous in those fun picks, the necklace is my personal favorite.

The Gameday Girls

Thanks so much for the article CP and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments ladies! Feel free to email us at gamedaygirls@gmail(dot)com for any custom orders or inquires for other schools. 🙂

The Gameday Girls <3 The College Prepster!

Much Love,
Shannon & Kaitlin
The Gameday Girls


Come on Gator get up & GO! Ordered the Albert headband & a few sets of earrings. Love love love! Thanks for highlighting!


loving the miami earrings, I might need to get a pair for some of the games! 🙂