Get Ready for Summer

I know, I know. Spring is practically just underway. (Even though it totally doesn’t even feel like it yet here!) I’m still itching to get in a trip down south! I haven’t been back to Tampa since Thanksgiving and my homesickness is only growing.
I’ve been wearing a lot of navy and red lately and maybe it’s just the most perfect combination for the summer. Yes? Yes.
Even though I’d love to pop over to the beach, I think I would go straight home and hang out outside with my family!
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?


PS Anchor Flats and an Anchor Dress? Omg, yes.

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samantha wiggs

I came to New York City for school and I can't wait to get back to sunny California… this is NOT spring weather in my standards. Summer come faster please!!!!


i have been wanting that bathing suit but they don't have the top in the color i want. if i could go anywhere, it would either be new york, paris or italy.

Julia Rodney

I would love to be in NorCal right now! I am going to Portland in May, so I'd love to be able to do a whole Pacific Northwest/NorCal tour!
Love the Bobbi Brown bronzer- I have an old revlon one that is light and matte like the Bobbi ones. When I run out I'll have to try Bobbi Brown!