Getting Inspired Again!

I am someone who gets bored very easily. Once I’ve been there and done that, I’m ready to move on. And move on I do. For the most part, this can be a really great thing for me. I’d say 90% of the time it keeps me on my toes and keeps me moving forward. But it can also be frustrating when I can’t seem to find my direction. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been pummeled by a wave and I’m under the water, not breathing, surrounded by bubbles, not sure which way is up. And when I finally do come up for air, I’m exhausted for just trying to get afloat. 
I think working for myself is one of the best and most challenging things for me. I love steering my own ship… but it can get old when I feel like I do the same thing every day! I try to keep things interesting– and I have some great stuff coming up that I’m really excited about. But, I still need to work on keeping the inspiration fresh and new.
Here’s what I do when I need a new dose of inspiration: 
ONE // Relish the routine

I know this sounds kind of counterintuitive but really leaning into my routine can help alleviate extra stress for me. And less stress means more room for inspiration. Relishing the routine really means enjoying the process, not rushing through it. When I run through the motions, I’m not really getting the most out of the routine.

My morning routine in particular is super important– it establishes the kind of day I’m going to have. I wake up and spend some time walking the dogs, enjoying every minute of the slobbery kisses and excited play. Then I take my time grinding fresh coffee, brewing a perfect cup, and savoring those first few steaming hot sips before sitting down at my desk to tackle my inbox. I typically don’t come up for fresh air with my emails until I’m done, which takes like four hours minimum. I love my mornings though. They’re quiet and coffee filled. I can then go on with the rest of my typical routine knowing my day is off to a great, productive start. Good mornings = great days.

TWO // But also try something new

Sometimes though I do need some kind of change. I may drive through a Starbucks for a coffee in the morning or, if I have the time, pop into my favorite cafe for a perfect cappuccino. An extra 20 minutes, but I sometimes welcome that tiny little change.

The something new could be anything: a new desk set up, a new lunch spot, a new view, a new study spot. Even picking up a new book or listening to a new playlist on Spotify.

I don’t know if I’ve ever not been inspired by doing something I’ve never done before or doing it a little differently. Sometimes it’s nice just to find something you don’t like all that much; it can help point you in the right direction of something you do like.


When things are getting really dicey, I like to get up and move. Like really move. A yoga class, thirty minutes on the treadmill, and extra long jaunt with the pups (their favorite, naturally). I usually find this kind of activity distracting. And what’s a better way to find inspiration than to not force the inspiration at all. Maybe something will hit me while I’m sweating it out running or maybe it’s not until I’m back at my desk that afternoon, head clear and body tired, that I think of that one game changing thing.

FOUR // Tackle one big to-do list and one easy item

You know when your computer starts going on the fritz and you’ve got 100 programs running and two deadlines that are fast approaching. It’s time for a restart.

This is the same situation for my brain, sometimes I just have too much going on up there and I need to clear some memory/storage and do a reboot. Even though it takes a little bit of extra time, it’s extremely beneficial for me to tackle something big off my to-do list. The immediate relief that washes over me for finally checking something off is usually enough momentum to get me through the rest of my list without so much as batting an eye.

When I struggle to find the motivation to tackle the big item, I start small. (Honestly, if you don’t make your bed every morning, you should! It’s such an easy way to get a great start to your day. I think there’s some science behind this, but it could also just be the world’s best placebo effect. But it works. Try it!) If you’re going to do something small, it should be something that brings you at least a little joy. Joy, productivity, inspiration… all kind of go hand in hand. 

FIVE // Look forward

Sometimes I don’t necessarily need inspiration to get through something so much as I need some kind of distraction. I hate actual distractions, so I find that having something to look forward to serves a great purpose. It helps keep me going in the right direction and can often times serve as a rewarding deadline.

Right now I have a few things coming up that I’m really looking forward to: a new website and rebrand (that’s really big picture) and a few trips (some personal, some more work related). These keep me motivated and bring me inspiration daily as I plan and coordinate.

SIX // Have a heart to heart

Last, but not least, having a conversation with a close friend about anything really is always, always good for the soul. Sometimes I’m the listening ear for a friend and other times I’m the one rolling through rambling thoughts one after another. It helps to get stress and anxiety off your chest, bounce ideas off another person, and maybe even have a reality check or two by someone whose opinions you trust.

What do you do for inspiration?!

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Audrey Lin

MOVE! That has been my favourite thing to do when searching for inspiration lately 🙂 Depending on how I'm feeling and what I'm needing, sometimes I'll search for inspiration with a heart to heart, and sometimes I'll search for inspiration when I'm all by my peaceful self (that's the introvert in me!). -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Allison Ferraro

I love these tips! It's not always easy to find inspiration, but I think that where the cliche "stop and smell the roses" comes from! Thanks for the great advice!

xx Allison @


I've always been a big proponent of getting outside for a run when I feel a lull in inspiration. Oddly enough, some of my best ideas come to me when I'm no where near a pen and paper 😉 I've learned to take a quick break, jot the notes down in my phone so I don't forget anything and get back to it. The mind and body are so interwoven! I'm also learning that I need something to look forward to as well. On Wednesday, we booked a spontaneous (for me) trip to Miami next month and it's already giving me the boost I need. Taking the rest of these tips to heart!

26 and Not Counting

Cristina SF

Thanks for the tips! I'm afraid I also get bored easily. I like the idea of trying something new. I've started going out for brunch on Sundays which I had never done before.