Getting Organized!

Oh my gosh! This was such an exciting weekend… my apartment finally got some much needed TLC. I can’t really begin to tell you how bad my apartment has been lately. It’s never been good, but it was bad
I’m doing a post with Target and I got a huge shipment, included a big bookcase. I bribed Garrett and his friend Kenny to put it together. And that’s where it started.
Then I had this massive bookshelf and no where to put it. So what’s a girl to do? Tackle the task that I’ve been literally putting off since I moved in… two years ago. I signed my lease again for another year and I couldn’t live in my glorified dorm room without a little updating.
Why did it take me so long to do it? Partly because I’m really bad about having a “vision” for what I want and then partly because I’m a perfectionist and would rather not do it than do it in a way I don’t like.
Luckily, Garrett has this hidden talent of gallery walls and interior design and he took the lead. (I vacuumed, dusted, handed things to him, and went on Starbucks runs for the boys… while they did the real work.)
I’m not exaggerating when I say that I cried when it was all over. The stack of frames that’s been sitting on my floor for two years? They’re up! The books that were literally on every inch of the tables I have? They’re on a shelf! Happy day.
I have to do a few more things, so just sneak peeks for now 😉
From my Snapchat (collegeprepster if you want more sneak peeks!).
We followed up the hours of work on Saturday night with late night appetizers at The Smith… and back to work on Sunday!
We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (disappointing) and The Container Store (#mecca) to pick up some more pieces to organize my bathroom and closet. Love carrying my Maptote bag around the city for errands.
Why is organizing jewelry so tricky?! Sheesh. Too many necklaces and bracelets, not enough space!
Phew! It really was a productive weekend. Can’t wait to show you more!!!

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OMG I am laughing out loud from the candid pic of Garrett! So glad you got them to help you out & continue the vision you have for your place 🙂

Alyssa J Freitas

I can understand your tears of joy! It must be such a relief to see things come together after waiting for so long. I felt the same way when I finally got my space how I wanted it; believe me it took so long to create something I was proud of. Can't wait to see more!

Alyssa J Freitas

Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella

Hahahaa two cute boys come in and organize all your stuff for you…living the dream, Carly 🙂 what a great project! It feels so good to get something big done on a weekend, because then you start the week feeling so accomplished and ready-to-go. Can't wait to see more shots of the finished product.

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Seersucker Sass

I finally decided to tackle my closet this weekend! And my boyfriend helped put together a bookshelf from Target for me… Unfortunately it wasn't the quality that we were hoping. Oh well!

Can't wait to see your completed apartment 🙂

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


I an't wait to see when you're all done! You should post another apartment tour on your youtube channel when you're all done 🙂



There's nothing better than a little rearranging to make you feel better! It's looking great – I'm in love with your new gallery wall!


Ah the gallery wall is starting to look great! My dream is to create one too when I get my own place. I've been reading your blog for awhile now but this is my first actual comment. Love the site and keep up the great work 🙂


Get it, Garret! #keepermaterial!

My current apartment is also a glorified dorm room, so I know how you feel. Yay to organization and interior decoration! Can't wait for more. 🙂

Rebecca Giller

Literally died crying when I saw that last picture! I absolutely adore you both and I am so happy to see you happy!!! Give Teddy kisses for me!


I love the lamp in your living room! It looked similar to those in the video you posted recently from your bedroom. Are they the same? Where are they from?