Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway was so cool. These rock formations were unlike anything I’ve seen before. It was our first stop in Northern Ireland and beyond worth the visit. We got there a bit late and the weather was a smidge (okay, very) foggy. But I actually thought it made it a better experience, it was quiet and a little bit eerie! 
Julia, Thomas, Garrett, and I couldn’t resist wearing our new Aran sweaters for the overcast evening.
Aren’t the columns behind us amazing? They look man-made, but they naturally formed over 50 million years ago. It really blew my mind.
It was too warm to wear my Dubarry boots most of our trip, but they were perfect this afternoon. Because they’re lined with Gore-Tex, the boots are waterproofed. A great looking and well made boot for the outdoors.
I definitely want to go back some day again– hopefully when it’s sunny for a different view.

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Mary Higgins

Love the Giants Causeway! I go there every time I am in Ireland! My mom is from Donegal, so it is always a must!


It's amazing what nature can produce. I'm so jealous you got to see this first hand but living through your pictures still makes it seem spectacular. Also love those boots! The most perfect Irish outfit.