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Gift Guide: For You

It’s the first gift guide of the season. And I’m starting with you. Who better to kick off the gift guide than with gifts for yourself. Surprisingly, this is my most requested post year after year. You can use it to put together your own wishlist or send along to a significant other/aunt/mom/whomever. Or spoil yourself!

I had a hard time narrowing down this list. I probably could have added four hundred more things if I had enough space (and time). Putting together gift guides is dangerous for my own wallet. Most of the items on the list are things that I own and love, with a few things I have my eyes on. Seriously, I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on the list. Hope you get some fun ideas from it!

Gifts for Her

Margaux Ballet Flats // Margaux flats were my favorite discovery of the year. I tried on a pair while in Charleston this spring and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I immediately purchased three pairs and my collection has only grown from there. They’re exquisitely made and priced perfectly for the quality. I wore mine all throughout Paris (20k step days!) and have continued to wear them pretty much every day. You’ve probably noticed them in many, many blog posts! Can’t help it because I love them so much!

Patagonia 1/4 Zip // When in doubt, give Patagonia. That’s kind of my motto. Nearly everyone on your recipient list would enjoy a Patagonia fleece, including yourself.

Bose Micro Speaker // This was a gift from the brand and I’m obsessed with it. The speaker is remarkably tiny without losing out on sound quality whatsoever. This is another great idea for gifts for anyone!

Monogrammed Suitcase // Luggage is one of those gifts that come in handy time and time again. Normally I’d say it’s not all that exciting, but honestly? The monogrammed version definitely is. It comes in four colors (white, navy, olive, and black).

Longchamp // This is a timeless bag that would be great for all kinds of girls, especially women who travel a lot. Longchamps tend to be my choice of travel bag because they fit so much and zip up.

Polaroid Camera // I don’t own this, but I kind of wish I did. How fun would it be for big parties just to take photos with friends and have physical memories to keep and share?

Burberry Quilted Jacket // When I think back to some of my favorite gifts over the years, the Burberry quilted jacket my mom got me while I was in college tops the list. (You know, right after the Samantha doll I got as a kid!) It’s definitely an investment piece, but I can’t tell you how much use I’ve gotten out of mine over the past nine years that I’ve had mine!

Origins Gift Set // So as I was making my list, I wanted to add like 100 of my favorite beauty products. When it boiled down to it though, I thought the Origins gift set summed up my top picks. Some specific products I 100% recommend: Origins Night-A-Mins Moisturizer, Matte Moisturizer, the whole mega-mushroom line!

DryBar Gift Set // I’m so annoyed because I found out my sister bought herself this and I wanted to get her DryBar products!!! They make the perfect gift.

Tortoiseshell Clutch // I have a tortoiseshell clutch (that I love), but I couldn’t resist adding this personalized version too. It’s a total standout!

Nike Sneakers // The one thing that I can’t seem to get enough of right now? Workout gear. I would never have thought that I’d want new gear for my workouts, but here we are! While these sneaks aren’t necessarily good for intense workouts, they’re perfect to wear with your athleisurewear on the weekend or to and from yoga class!

Monthly Calendar // Just a fun little thing! This desk calendar would be perfect for students or someone with a desk that’s in need of cheering up! (The best part about these calendars is that you can ultimately frame your favorite prints once the month is over.

Monogrammed Clutch // I fell in love with this hand-painted monogrammed clutch!

Kitchenaid Mixer // This is another one of my favorite gifts from over the years. No kitchen is complete without a Kitchenaid Mixer!! I always feel like such an official baker when I pull mine out.

Bow and Pearl Earrings // I have my eyes on these adorable earrings. So festive!

Travel Wallet // My friends from Tuckernuck all, have these travel wallets. They are oversized but fit nearly everything you can imagine. Even if you’re not a traveler, you could use it as a stand-in clutch or throw in your handbag to stay extra organized. There’s a spot for everything, and you can even zip your phone in.

Monogrammed Crossbody // I bought this for myself this summer and love it. It’s a great size and has two sections which makes it easier to stay organized.

Wool Coat // After eyeing the coat online for a while, I finally bit the bullet and purchased this coat. It’s the best wool coat I think J. Crew has ever done. It’s a slightly more tailored, much warmer version of the ever-popular Cocoon coat. The sleeves have cups to keep out the cold and the inside is quilted for extra warmth.

Gold Bow Earrings // While searching for another pair of earrings, I found these at the bottom of my jewelry box. I can’t believe I forgot about them and love that they’re still available after all these years.

Velvet Pouch // Just something I have my eye on. I’ve been loving all things velvet this winter!

Barbour Coat // What’s a gift guide without a Barbour coat? I can’t recommend them highly enough. Incredible quality and they work for so many different occasions.

Black Pearl Heels // I haven’t been wearing heels all that much this year, but these top my list for favorite pair acquired in 2017. The chunky heels are so much easier to walk in, and the pearls couldn’t be a better touch.

Black Crossbody // I think I’ve had this crossbody for four years? I constantly reach for it because it goes with everything. It’s just a classic, great black bag. A closet staple for sure!

Bean Boots // I already have Bean Boots, and they’re great winter shoes (actually I wear mine year round). These shearling lined ones seem like a dream for cold feet!

Cashmere Scarf // I have a small addiction to cashmere and would never turn down a pretty scarf.

Monogrammed Weekender // Another item that I’ve had for years. It has continuously been my go-to bag for short trips. Fits the essentials, looks great with the monogram, and is easy to carry with the shoulder strap and handles.

Tennis Bracelet // At the end of every year, I buy myself a little gift. Last year, I splurged on a tennis bracelet and I wear it all the time. I had been eyeing one for years and finally decided to go for it. I get compliments on it all the time and, even though it’s a diamond bracelet, it can be worn every day! I bought mine from a local jeweler which I’d recommend so you can find the right size and get the best price and everything.

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This is exactly what I was looking for! My family keeps asking what I want but I had no clue.

I really want a polaroid camera!


I love perusing gift guides, but I 90% of the time, I don’t feel tempted to actually buy anything from them… However this one is gold! So many practical and CUTE items. 🙂

Erin Lucy

This is so dangerous. All such great and classic pieces. This list though is great for ideas for my own wishlist! I love the pearl heels, maybe in rose though!



I feel like you’ve talked about it before but could you just remind which size Barbour beadnell jacket you wear?