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On a budget?  No problem.  Handmade gifts are super inexpensive but super personal!  It also take some effort (definitely more than clicking “Add to cart”) so the recipient knows you worked hard to bring some holiday love to them!
I made these shirts for my friends a couple of Christmas’ ago.  They’re really fun, and can be personalized in so many ways!
These aren’t entirely handmade, but the painted monograms add a special something to a plain pair of moccasins.  Here’s the post on how I made mine.  The Minnetonka moccasins aren’t too expensive either.
These subway art signs are amazing… but take forever.  Scale down and make mini-ones for friends and family!
Cross stitch your family (or group of friends).  Perfect excuse to catch up on a television series while you whip these up!
When in doubt: BAKE.
Who doesn’t love your famous peanut butter cookies or the super festive cake balls?

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You know what is even cooler than handmade gifts? Handmade gift wrap and greeting cards! I am doing everything by hand this year! Loving the minnetonkas:)



The subway art is so cool! And a shortcut my sister does is to place block letters on a canvas and spray paint over them! Also, you can never go wrong with baking gifts.