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For most places, it’s too late to order online, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve missed out on the gifting boat completely. My mom and I popped into Barnes and Noble yesterday and it was absolutely packed. They even had tables of people wrapping gifts. Every year at least one person on my list gets a book. (This year it’s my sister and she doesn’t read here so we’re safe… but I got her You Are a Badass.)


The New York Times: 36 Hours USA & Canada // This is a great book for really anyone on your list. A recent graduate who wants to travel, your retired grandparents who like to see new places, or even just a dreamer who hasn’t been everywhere but it’s on his list.

The Stylish Life: Skiing // While this is technically more of a coffee table book, it’s a great gift for avid skiers and avid apres skiers alike. The photographs in the book are stunning and there’s quite a bit of history about the lifestyle of skiing.

52 Lists Project // Oh, this is another one I got for my sister. Instead of a journal where everything is open ended (and maybe a little intimidating) this journal walks the reader through various prompts (i.e. lists) throughout the year for manageable– and inspiring– reflection.

The Devil in the White City // What an incredible book!! I highly recommend this for everyone who loves a great, fast-paced book. It’s a true story, but reads like a captivating novel.

All the Light We Cannot See // Get this beautifully written book for someone who loves to get lost in a good book. This was one of my favorite books of the entire year.

Boys in the Boat // This is my go-to book for gifts. There is NO ONE who wouldn’t enjoy it (and there’s even a young reader version). I gave it to my dad a few Christmases ago and we barely saw him for days while he devoured it.

Zen and the Art of Happiness // My favorite book of all-time. Seriously get this for everyone’s stocking. It’s a small book and a quick read, but completely life-changing.

Harry Potter Coloring Book // For the Harry Potter Fan that you know already has every HP book ever made.

You Are a Badass // This is technically a self-help book, but this was another one of my favorite reads. Seriously incredible. It’s funny and written in a completely relatable tone… but still makes you want to kick your butt into gear to create the best possible life for yourself.

1776 // I’m working my way through this right now and it’s a crazy well-written book about the founding fathers and the birth of our nation.

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Love all your picks Carly, especially intriguing is the Zen & the Art of Happiness – I might need to get myself a little New Years gift haha x


The 52 list projects sounds right up my alley! It’s also the perfect gift for a gal pal of mine – thank you!

I really struggled to get into All The Light We Cannot See – but everyone raves about it. I may have to give it another go!


The Devil in the White City… what a fascinating book! I got scared every time I remembered it was true. Great picks!

Books in the Air

Love this post!!! Read most of these books, your sister will love “You Are a Badass!”Also I have the harry potter coloring book-I love it but it is actually low-key a very challenging coloring book! Or maybe it is just me! Thanks for the great post!!!




I just finished 1776 and I LOVED it! I’m not a huge history buff either, but I heard good things and thought I’d give it a try. I was actually disappointed when it ended because my Kindle showed that I was “60% done” but the last 40% was pictures/references — I wasn’t ready for it to be over! Hah!


I have You’re a Bad Ass and I LOVED it. I bought it a year ago when I was just out of grad school and having trouble getting a job. It was the perfect pick me up and confidence booster. Thanks for the other recommendations!


Hi, I have seen on your snapchat a book named libraries, can you tell me more about this book? Thank you, all the best in 2017!