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Gifts for Him

Why are guys so hard to shop for?! I’m rounding up some gifts that I think would be perfect for all kinds of men. But at the end of the day, you really have to have the guy in mind and put yourself in his shoes. What does he want? What does he love? And what does he need?

I will share a few things that have been HITS with my dad. He’s probably the hardest guy in the world to shop for. Very picky (haha) and very particular. Last year I hit it out of the freaking ballpark with him.

– First I got him a pair of Allbirds. These are everywhere in NYC and SF, so if you haven’t seen them yet, you definitely will. (I also got my mom a pair too, ha.) My dad is super picky about his shoes, and we’ve been trying to spruce up his wardrobe while still letting him be as comfortable like he’s used to. These Allbirds sneaks are amazing and made of merino wool so that you can wear them without socks and they keep your feet cool in the heat and warm in the cold. He’s obsessed with the sneakers now and raves about them.

– Then I got him a Nespresso maker. The shoes were a risk because I wasn’t sure if he’d think they were comfortable enough (or that they’d fit) and the Nespresso was a risk because I wasn’t sure if he’d actually use it. Well, he’s now addicted to his nightly espresso. He told me that he had to put himself on a restriction because he would keep making more and more cups.

– I also got him a Kinetic Sandbox. My whole family loves things that feel good, and when I played with some kinetic sand at a friend’s house, I knew my dad would love it. He has a man cave in the house, and it sits on the tv stand so he can play with it while he’s watching sports. Kind of a fun thing to just give!

I set the bar pretty high for myself, and now I’m slightly panicking about how I could beat it. I’m still brainstorming ideas for him. But I do know what I’m getting my boyfriend this year, and I wish I could share it now without spoiling it. I came up with a little theme around a riddle and, ugh, it’s good and so him.

Gifts for Him

Bose 360 Speaker // Bose speakers are great for anyone on your list, including your favorite guys! You can’t go wrong with Bose’s sound quality, and this speaker would be the perfect addition to any office, kitchen, dorm room, etc.

Shinola Watch // I love giving watches to guys. One year, we went in on a Shinola watch for my dad, and he wears it every day. I love that it’s a great looking watch but can be worn casually on an everyday basis. Here’s a more affordable option with a similar look.

Clubmaster Sunglasses // Sometimes I feel like Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil the men in our lives and buy them the things that they’d never splurge on for themselves. A nice pair of sunglasses fits right into that category.

Party Flannel // Okay, this shirt is borderline ridiculous, but it’s also so fun. I can think of a few guys in my life that would love/rock this look. (Also, not going to lie, I think I personally need the girl version too.)

Wool Tartan Baseball Hat // Kind of loving this color blocked hat. A fun holiday twist! I actually just discovered that they offer personalized versions too with a custom whale choice (the elf is hilarious) and/or monogramming.

Allbirds Wool Sneakers // As I mentioned, these sneakers were a huge hit with my dad. They have a bunch of different colorways right now so you can pick out the perfect pair. (Dad, do you want another color?!)

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket // Patagonia is always a good idea. I can’t think of a guy who wouldn’t love a little more Patagonia in his life. This Nano Puff is great for all seasons, too. (Well, maybe not Florida in the summer…)

Sportsman’s Spinner // This is a great looking suitcase for guys. Luggage is a great gift for students or recent grads or dads who are always on the go.

Flannel Robe // I know this is kind of in line with getting your dad a tie on Father’s Day, but I think it’s a classic gift for a reason! My dad wears his robe every day, and I love the idea of upgrading his. (Actually, one year my mom did but bought the ugliest one in the world, and the four of us cried from laughing so hard on Christmas morning– it was returned! Definitely get a good looking one like this plaid.)

Fisherman’s Sweater // How beautiful is this sweater! I put the cream in the collage, but the grey may be more practical for most guys on your list.

Monogrammed Garment Bag // I include some version of this garment bag in my men’s gift guide every year. It’s SUCH a good idea. One of those things that most guys won’t realize they need it until they need it. I’m assuming a dad would already have one, but boyfriends and brothers might not have a nice one.

Pour Over Kit // Do you have a coffee snob on your list? Pour overs taste so much better than a regular brewed cup of coffee, and I think a true aficionado would love this fancy pour over kit. It comes with everything you need for the perfect cup.

Nespresso // And if they love coffee but don’t have the patience for measuring out beans and all that? Enter the Nespresso. My dad can’t get enough of his. HIGHLY recommend.

Patagonia Vest // This is a great boyfriend/brother gift. I personally the way vests look on guys! This one has a fun, retro vibe.

Dopp Kit // Dopp Kits are an essential item for those on the go. I think it’d be fun to pack some favorite “beauty” products in there too like Jack Black or Kiehl’s.

Windproof Sweater // A classic sweater for a classic man.

Gentleman’s Playing Cards // I thought this deck of playing cards was so fun. Could easily be gifted on its own or incorporated into a larger themed gift!

American Flag Spatula // What do you get the guy who has everything? An American Flag spatula perhaps. I gifted my dad a box of Five Mary’s for Father’s Day (he loved it!) and including a spatula would be a fun thing for a dad to open Christmas morning.

Tretorn Sneaker // Guys and their sneakers!!!! I love the totally classic vibe of these Tretorns.

Leather iPhone Case // This is such a beautiful iPhone case. It’s a great choice when you’re just not quite sure what to get someone. Love the monogrammed touch.

LL Bean Beanie // At under $30, this beanie would be perfect for so many hard-to-shop fors. Definitely has that “cool factor.”

Explore Sweatshirt // There’s no way around it, I just think this is such a cool sweatshirt.

Sneaker Cleaning Kit // Again… guys and their sneakers!!! You have to get this for someone who’s just a little bit too into their sneaker collection.

Ski Sweater // If you’re hitting the slopes this year with your family or beau, I couldn’t think of anything better!

Winter Boots // I had to include these boots on the list because I just loved the way they looked!

Watch Box // This watch box might be my #1 gift idea for dads. It’s so beautiful, and I love the details.

Universal Cord Case // I actually want this for myself. It’s a leather case to store all of your cords while traveling. Would be perfect for anyone, really, especially someone who works remotely or travels a lot!

Red and Blue Flannel // If you have someone on your list who is SUPER hard to clothes shop for, I can’t recommend these shirts more. I got a few for my dad last year for his birthday, and he’s obsessed with the fit. They look like any regular dress shirt, BUT they’re made out of performance fabric (like workout material), so they have a great, comfortable fit that you can actually move in.

Commuter Weekend Bag // This is, without a doubt, the best gift on this list in my opinion!!! It looks like a regular weekender bag, but it actually unfolds with all these amazing compartments. It’s brilliant really. I think the shoe slots are particularly useful.

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Erin Lucy

Thanks for the ideas! This is definitely my hardest category this year for gift giving. I am struggling so much because it can be so hard to find something they will truly appreciate and use. Thanks again.



Okay, this is great! There are some things on here that would actually work for my dad/brother/boyfriend. They’re all so hard to buy for, and usually gift guides for guys are a joke. You nailed it!