True story, I’ve always kind of wished that I was left-handed and had red hair. Brown hair is just so… boring. And being right-handed, ugh… so normal.
Oh! I could be a ginger!!! Yes, I have “Ginger Booth,” an app that turns anyone into a ginger.
Anyway, how cool is this project :
I Collect Gingers by artist Anthea Pokroy
What do you think of the project?

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I'm pretty sure I've spent my whole life wanting to be ginger!
I love how projects like this one by Anthea Pokroy and people like Ed Sheeran are making being ginger cool!
xo Amy @ British Prep

Caffy Bundy

Hahaha! It's great being a redhead, but you have to go through the age 7-10 bit where you don't like it because you're different and get some bother 🙁

Bundana x


I am a lefty! It's kind of nice to be unique and different from everyone else, but sometimes it is a little hard to find sports equipment if need be. One positive thing about me being a lefty though is that I have an advantage at field hockey, because all of the sticks are the same, and the left side is the strong side!

xoxo, Frannie


I'm redheaded and left-handed seeing your opening line made me smile! My hair/handedness combination has received lots of teasing, but even more compliments. I wouldn't trade it, so I don't blame ya!

Kelsey Odorczyk

My light brown hair turned ginger my senior year of high school and my friends used to tease me but now ive embraced it because its a color that only occurrs naturally and is unique to me 🙂


You paid 2 bucks for an app to make you a ginger?!?!? HAHAH so perfect! I always kind of wished I was ginger too. Or at least something more exciting than brown hair and right handed…



okay, when I first saw that picture in the preview for this post, I swear I thought it was baby Lindsay Lohan.


1. That picture of you as a ginger is hilarious.
2. I ALWAYS wanted to be a redhead. I had a friend my freshman year of college who had the most gorgeous bright red hair and I was so jealous of it. I think naturally red hair is just so beautiful and unique.

Aryn Hill

I'm half black, half white. Predominately I look black but I have one bright red hair that stands out among my dark hair. I love it!


I love it, especially because it shows different shades of ginger-y-ness. I'm a ginger but my hair darkened a lot since I was litte.


I love it! I always dye my hair auburn in the summer. I wish I had read hair so I live vicariously through my boyfriend!

Abigail Farr

I've wanted to be a ginger my entire life. My mom is a ginger, my best friend growing up was a ginger, and my cousin is a ginger. I loved the idea of being a firey red-head. I wish my hair was the same color as Karen Gillan's (seriously, Google her — her hair is the most beautiful thing on the planet).

Morgan Paige

I love gingers! Haha, my Lovebug is a red-head (he's a dark red not necessarily orange-y and doesn't have freckles on his face) and I am actually really jealous! I think I might be dying my hair an auburn-ish color this summer for something different and fun! You should too!

BTW, you make a great ginger!

Rena Lu

I feel like you could totally pull off a Jessica Chastain-y type of red! You have such pretty fair skin. (I'm so jealous! This DC weather is wreaking havoc on my skin!) But, you know what? I think that curly brown hair is absolutely glorious. It looks great with all colours of clothes, and you can do so much much with it colour and style-wise. I've got pin-straight, dark Asian hair, and it's a nightmare to style. It seriously goes flat after 5 minutes! I remember when I was little my godmother would always try to do my hair in ringlets for Easter service, and my hair was actually CRUNCHY from all of the product used to hold my hair in place!

Also being a left hander, I can tell you from experience that it's less than glamorous. Remember when all of the cool kids took notes in their Trapper Keepers? I would always have to awkwardly bend my elbow to fit my arm between two of the rings in order to take notes. Then my left arm would get those indentations from the wire of the spiral notebooks digging into it, and the side of my left hand would be silver from my hand dragging across the lead smearing across my page. But there are perks! (kinda) Being left-handed totally throws off your opponents in tennis matches, and, as my dad likes to say, we left-handers are the only ones in our right minds. (Painfully cheesy, I know.)

Kellene Elise

It has taken me a long time to embrace my red hair, and even still- every time I see the word "ginger" I just cringe thinking about how terrible people can treat someone just because of their hair color. I'm glad that you try to put a positive spin on it because many people are truly cruel. I always feel for my fellow red heads and the bullying they have gone through.

Thanks for being nice! 🙂

This Lovely Little Day

Courtney Kincaid

I stumbled across your study tips blog on Pinterest about a year ago and have literally read every single one of your posts. Such a great blog. (:

I'm a red head and a lefty, and growing up I always wished I was "normal". But with time, I decided that I rather enjoy being a ginger. I would look weird with any other hair color.