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This weekend was so much fun. Absolutely 100% what the doctor ordered. Friday morning, I made a smoothie with half an avocado per a bunch of people’s recommendations. With one sip, I was gagging and then crawling to my bathroom to throw up. I mean, I actually threw up. From one sip of a smoothie. Something between the texture and the color just didn’t sit well with me, quite literally. Blech.
While Skyping with Maxie (she’s the best!), I broke out into hives. Every time I get even remotely worked up (excitement, nerves, emotional, the good, the bad, etc.). But it was a tiny amount, so nothing really to freak out about. The rest of the day was fine until I started watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I was, again, nauseous… because it was the plane crash episode. Terrible, terrible idea. I was once again, sick to my stomach. I paused the episode and did about thirty minutes of biofeedback so I wouldn’t throw up again. Rawr.
Basically, by 6pm… I was ready for a relaxing low key weekend!
Amy and I gchatted/snapchatted/texted a couple of plans. She ended up coming over at 9pm (via a cab from the West Village in monogrammed pajamas, of course). We snacked on Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Oreos, gummy bears, and about two pounds of popcorn. Clearly, I was feeling better 😉 We talked for hours. Who knew how much there would be to catch up on?! We also made grand plans for Saturday afternoon coffeeshop hopping and playing in the West Village.
The first stop we made was Amy’s apartment for extra iPhone charges and then we popped over to a puppy store. Where I found the cutest puppy in the world and Amy found Heidi Klum. Standard. I was so focused on the puppy that I totally wouldn’t have noticed. A lot of walking a little bit of location scouting and then we grabbed a quick dinner.
Because we hadn’t quite had enough of each other yet… we met up for brunch. It was not good. But fun because we were sitting outside while it drizzled and ogled over the adorable dogs that walked right on by. The whole afternoon was spent taking photos and editing videos and listening to music (The Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning” will forever be stuck in my head).
Anyway… Sometimes you just need some good old fashioned girl time.

What is your favorite thing to do with girlfriends?

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I am sorry you had such a bad experience with the green smoothies 🙁 The colour can be off putting.

Sounds like the rest of your weekend was a lot of fun. I love spending time with my girl friends. We usually grab sushi or frozen yogurt (or both) then head to one our houses for movies and more junk food. Gossip and giggles are a must!


My favorite thing to do with my girls is watch Law and Order Marathons while baking or go to a zumba/power remix/pilates class together and grab smoothies after. We also really love going to get starbucks, sitting outside on campus and gabbing for a couple hours. It's always gotta to involve food because we all LOVE to eat. But really it's all about bonding time and venting time, you know? :]


It's a shame you weren't feeling too great 🙁 On Saturday we had a girly evening in with friends from my course and did a home-made tapas night, it was so nice to just spend an evening in and test our cooking skills! It's always nice to receive an invite to dinner, so we plan to try and keep these up!
Charlotte x
La Vie en Gâteaux


I really enjoy just lounging at a girl friend's house and/or cooking together. I totally understand the avocado gag — I have been eating them for a couple of years, and the other day, in the middle of eating a turkey and avocado sandwich that I'd made, I got completely grossed out and starting feeling sick. I'm going to take a break from them for a while…

Fairy Princess Jord

I'm still 12 years old at heart and I love sleepovers, I don't think I will ever outgrow them! I love girl talk and pigging out on ice cream and having a friend to braid my hair and paint my nails…if that's wrong I don't want to be right. Oh and mimosas…brunch with lots of mimosas!

Your weekend sounds like it was MUCH better after the whole avocado smoothie situation…which by the way sounds repulsive.


Glad you had a great weekend 🙂 Sorry the smoothie made you throw up lol!!


Can you tell me/us more about your biofeedback regimen? What machine do you use at home? It's something I have been wanting to invest in to help with my anxiety, but am not sure what to purchase. Thanks, love!

Majda Mehanovic

I wish I had some time to spend snacking on gummies and chatting with my best friend (who lives in D.C. right now-at American University!). College has definitely taken a toll on time for me (and I'm only a freshman). Hopefully fall break will make it's way fast!

Shantá Lindo

Hi!! I love your blog. I drink green smoothies every morning, and I would suggest starting with a really mild green like spinach. An avocado is kind of intense, like guacamole in a cup. A handful of spinach, your favorites fruits (berries, mangoes, etc), a banana, and some almond milk is all you need.


sounds like a great weekend! avocado smoothie though? that sounds about as bad as the plane crash episode. it took me a few days to watch it because i was getting too nervous.

Caroline Biggs

Add berries to your smoothies! They have a lot of great flavor, it sounds like the fruit you are using is pretty bland (apples, pears etc.. The general rule is, if you want a lot of flavor, don't use the fruit they make juice for toddlers out of!) My smoothies are usually berries, spinach and a liquid, sometime OJ, almond milk or just water if I'm out.

Hopefully that works better!

Kelsey B

sorry you felt so sick :/ i like going to football games and shopping with my friends. there isnt much to do where i live 🙁 but i'm gonna start coming up with some creative ideas. I wish we had a puppy store here, i would be there all the time! haha