Giveaway :: Memento (Kate Spade Bag + Monogrammed Shirt)

I’ve teamed up with Memento for this amazing giveaway. Memento has a ton of different amazing monogrammed products. The personalization is really great. So many different products to choose from. Cute cups! Cute bags! Cute clothes!
Speaking of monogrammed clothes… the winner will receive:
A monogrammed button up + a Kate Spade handbag + A Monogrammed Bangle!
Pretty awesome, right?
I’ve been simply living in oversized button downs, so I especially love that monogrammed shirt!
Good luck!

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H. Thiers

Oh my gosh! I absolutely love this Kate Spade bag and all of the cute monogrammed items! Once again, great giveaway 🙂


Harriet Campbell

Great giveaway! The Kate Spade bag is beautiful! Just one question, once you have done all the different things and got the points, how do you claim your entries?


Terri Johnson

Hi Harriet
When you click on the link and you are logged into Facebook it will show you the number of entry points you have and will say claim my reward at the top.Once you claim your reward your entries are counted.

We have it set up that if you only have Twitter or only have Facebook you can still complete enough tasks to get 2 entries. Thank you for posting the question Harriet. This is a new app for keeping track of giveaways and we are trying it out compared to other ways. I really appreciate the feedback. Have a great night! Thanks Memento


vague entry guidelines/rules. Because I'm not on twitter, I can't get all the points needed to enter to win?? so not fair.

Terri Johnson

Hi Casey
We have the points split out that those on just Twitter or just Facebook can get enough entries to get 2 entries into the giveaway. If someone is on both and Pinterest they would get all 3 entries. Thanks for entering & sharing your feedback we appreciate it.