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We had a chilly end of September and then, naturally, a heat wave came barreling through the city. It was so strange to go from beautiful (and perfect) sweater weather to pulling shorts back out of the closet. One day was so warm, I went for Jacks, chino shorts, and a polo shirt. Even with the air conditioner on full blast, I was melting in my apartment. #normal
Now we’re inching back to riding boots. Woo! I can’t wait. I tend to wear boots from mid October through basically March or April. The first few wears are definitely the sweetest… I can’t wait to savor it. Skinny jeans or tall socks with dresses.
One of my top emailed questions was for riding boot options at varying price points. I’m partial to a great brown boot:
GOOD // Target ($75)
BETTER // Sole Society ($120)
BEST // Tory Burch ($525)

(One of my favorite photographs! Madewell & Frye boots pictured!)
How do you style riding boots?

PS Don’t forget that Tory Burch is having their Friends & Fans sale. Use “Friends” at checkout and receive 25% off. (Now the boots would be less than $400!)
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I'm glad you offered options at different price points. But did you really have to automatically equate the most expensive option as being the "best"? You're sending a not-so-subtle message to your audience, many of whom cannot actually afford to spend $500+ on one pair of boots. Guess they'll just have to settle for being "good" and learn to deal with that lingering sense of wanting more. Be a little more aware of your privilege and the values you convey.


Hmm.. I think the original comment was harsh but she makes an interesting point. I'm not sure that the retail strategy is necessarily applicable to your blog (unless you are personally trying to market these products). I think maybe the "save" vs. "splurge" might be a way to phrase it in which bbq would be happy :). But of course, if you like the most expensive ones the best, what can ya do? I personally think the Sole Society option is the cutest.


Many retail strategies are problematic though – for example, you know we're bombarded with messages that promote distorted body images. Just because something is done frequently, doesn't mean it's legitimate or right.

I just wanted you to realize that most of your audience is young and therefore (a) especially susceptible to marketing messages and (b) especially unlikely to be able to afford your lifestyle without blowing their budget. I hope you'll use some critical thinking, so that your personal brand won't just be another reflection of the effed-up values and messages that corporate brands often send.

As Joanna suggested, you can use the "save/splurge" wording instead! The good/better/best wording encourages people to spend more, but the Tory Burch boots are really the worst option of it's out of one's budget.

Jessica Joyce

It's that time of year when you start posting riding boots and I love it. I've gone with a pair of biker boots, but I like to think that they're good enough. I just really want to avoid being called a horseback rider when I wear other types!

Your Friend, Jess


I'm glad I wasn't the only one fully disappointed with the sudden heat wave here in NY. My mission was to leave the air conditioning off for the entire month of Sept. and Oct. but I found my apt. unbearable without it. Where is this gorgeous fall weather we're all waiting for?!?

Love the Tory Burch boots!


Meredith Scroggin

As much as I love them with leggings or jeans, wearing them with skirts and dresses is my absolute favorite! Seriously, if you have a pair of cute tights, a nice dress, and a good-looking pair of boots, you can't go wrong!