Good Stress is Still Stress

Let me just start by saying that I thought last week was crazy. It’s almost like the Universe said, “Oh you think that is crazy… Just wait.” Because this week was even more insane. I’ve been trying to describe what exactly I’m going through to friends and family, but it’s hard to really communicate. You see, everything is good. In fact, everything is GREAT. Yet, there’s a lot going on and it’s all stressful. Good stress… but, in my opinion, stress is stress. I’m simply overwhelmed by it all. From the number of emails (1,300 in two days…) to meetings big and small to the phone calls; the planning, the executing, the being “on”… the decisions. The accountants and the lawyers (again, good!). 
Again, it’s all super great things right on the horizon and a little bit into the future. But everything is swirling around in my head and it’s just a lot.
On Monday, I had been running around pretty much like a crazy person all day long and I finally just melted down. I made Mackenzie come work with me at night in our favorite coffee shop (… and cried). When it closed, I got a croissant and a latte, put on my pajamas, and sat down to get another three hours of work done.
Taking things one day at a time, relying on my amazing friends, and just… breathing… has been getting me through. I also have to keep reminding myself that everything is good, the stress is good, and even though it’s overwhelming that I can absolutely do it. It is all going to work out just the way it’s supposed to work out.
Mackenzie and I have been trading off on good and bad days. Thankfully, when I’m overwhelmed she’s pulled together and when she’s overwhelmed I’m pulled together. We totally, totally understand what each other is going through. For that, I’m beyond grateful.
I guess the biggest thing we’ve both realized over the past two weeks, and what we’ll be reminding each other for the next month and a half, is that stress is stress. Even when it’s stress from good things. Making sure we’re taking care of our bodies and getting the sleep we need is extremely important. Taking breaks even when it feels like we don’t have the time is even more important.
The other week I tweeted “I can’t tell if this is the craziest my life will ever be… or if it’s the beginning of a very, very, very crazy life.” I’m beginning to think that it’s the latter of that statement. And although it’s not easy… I’m excited!
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Bianca Garcia

I totally understand how you feel. Things can creep up on you and can become overwhelming. I try and think positive and I've found that it usually helps me calm down. And Breath!



I've been there. It's all good, yet – so much at the same time and something's going on in all fronts. Hang in there 🙂 And it's amazing you get to do it with someone who understands.

Renate from


I totally know what you mean!! This week has been full of bad-stress for me, but I've definitely had those good-stress weeks where it's totally okay to let it out with a pile of tears on your friend's shoulder!

Hang in there – this will just make next week seem like a breeze!

P.S. K & I have a new look on our blog thanks to an illustration we had done of the two of us! We'd love it if you checked it out & let us know what you thought!

xo, B

Fairy Princess Jord

It's better to be overwhelmed with goodness and exciting adventure then to live a stress free boring life. I remind myself how stir crazy and bored I am when I'm not working towards anything. Some people thrive on stress and I don't think it would be too presumptuous to say that you are one of those people (:


Sorry to hear you've been so stressed – keep your head down (sounds like you have been!) and stay focused! Been loving your blog – and as much as this seems like a "dumb" question I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering – WHAT do you DO? I know you mention here that you have lots of WORK to do – obviously you have a blog, but other than that, your readers are curious what is your secret job? Thanks!

Nena Farrell

Even when it's good stress it can still be too much — I totally know that feeling. But I want to say as a reader I've been loving your content and new projects! I hope all things you're stressed about turn out perfectly and make all the stress worth it!



I've learned that the best way to get through a crazy life is by having someone else with a life just as crazy to relate with. Its so great that you and Mackenzie have each other! Before I had my "person" I was in a constant state of anxiety because being an entrepreneur, it's always so hard to find that balance… since your work becomes your life and life becomes your work. Finding that balance is always hard but little breaks here and there are so important to be able reflect and focus on your priorities (which of course you seem to be doing very well!)


heya, it may help to trade some of the sugar+caffeine (yes, i know they make darling photos) for lean protein+more sleep 🙂 -eks

Autumn @ The Unreal Life

Mostly I'm impressed by your ability to push through the need for sleep and get things done. I can not for the life of me convince myself to keep going most nights, even though I know I'll be more stressed if I don't finish the tasks before morning.