It’s (almost) that time of year! In a way, it feels like my own graduation was a lifetime ago. In another, it feels like it was just yesterday. I don’t get the same requests I used to for graduation gift ideas, but it seems like we all know a young adult moving on from high school or college right now. Put together some ideas for both!

GRADUATION GIFT IDEAS 2024 college graduation gift ideas for her

Estelle Colored Glass Wine Glasses // These are definitely my most fun pick on this list! I got the champagne coupes a few years ago and they’re absolutely beautiful. Gifting a new grad nice wine glasses feels so symbolic–  they’re growing up, and so are their drinking habits, ha!

This Must Be the Place Keychain // I bought a version of this for our spare keys when we bought our home, and now I love to give it to friends as a mini housewarming gift. It’s a little thing, but still thoughtful and too perfect for a graduate moving into their first apartment!

Weezie Towel Set // I try not to be too precious about towels, but Weezie is my FAVORITE. Instead of some older mismatched towels, why not start off adulthood with a set that’s equal parts practical and pretty?

Caraway Pots and Pans Set // Cheap pots and pans are a rite of passage in a way, but if you’re looking to splurge, cookware is always worth the investment. We own these and just love them.

Lands’ End Sheet Set // One of Nancy Meyers’s daughters has an Instagram account documenting her home renovation and her taste is flawless. These are the sheets she swears by!! You don’t know how bad your bedding is until you move up to the good stuff, and this upgrade would such a treat. Plus, the Lands’ End site is constantly on sale, so they’re a pretty good deal.

Cordless Vacuum // Now that we have a cordless vacuum– we have a Dyson– I can’t believe we ever lived without one! It’s so convenient for taking care of little messes anywhere they pop up. This one is a lot cheaper than ours and has phenomenal reviews. A vacuum might not be the sexiest graduation gift idea, but they’ll definitely thank you.

The Defining Decade // I gave this to my sister when she was in her twenties and she tore though it. College graduation is the perfect time to gift it to someone!

Cuyana Laptop Sleeve // I see this is as a graduation and first job gift in one– the goil foil monogram is the *perfect* finishing touch.

high school graduation gift ideas for her

Mark & Graham Travel Jewelry Case // Personalized graduation gifts are so fun to buy! You can choose between classic gold debossing or colorful printing for the monogram, depending on the recipient’s personality. While this is technically intended for travel, it’d tuck perfectly into a dorm desk drawer.

LAKE Bath Wrap // Ugh, I did not love the communal bathrooms in college– especially the showers! This graduation gift for her will get A LOT of use. And once the recipient “graduates” to a private bathroom, they can still use it for getting ready. While you’re technically supposed to air dry pima cotton, I never do. Just machine wash and dry like normal!

Lululemon Crossbody // Remember how everyone had their “going out bag” in college? From the quality brand name to the water repellent nylon, this feels like an ideal solution for college students today. They can wear it around campus too– I’m all for versatility, especially when you’re sharing a small dorm.

One Line a Day // Just imagine the recipient starting this on the first day of college and finishing it up one year into postgrad! This is such an easy graduation gift idea, but I can also see it being a little going away present before move-in too.

Sprinkled with Pink Shop Pouch // I love a little pouch (so versatile), and I really love this shop! There are SO MANY color and embroidery options. Something for everyone, really.

Weezie Makeup Towels and Spa Headband Set // I’m pretty sure this set was made with college girls in mind. The navy makeup towels are GREAT because they never stain (which is extra nice considering I don’t know many teens that know how to spot treat).

BEIS Weekender // BEIS is such an it brand right now, and it makes sense. The style and functionality of their items are top notch. I kind of imagine this graduation gift idea coming from a parent who wants to inspire their child to come visit on the weekends, haha.

Anthropologie Bubble Letter Necklace // This feels like the “cool” version of an initial necklace. The price is definitely right too. Thoughtful, but no big deal if it gets lost.


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I love these gift ideas. They are versatile gifts for other occasions as well!