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Hi all! I’m Deanna of Mellow Fever and first, I need to give an enormous thank you to the College Prepster for inviting me to write a guest post. I’ve never done so before, and I was so flattered to be asked. It’s only this past year that I’ve really began to crush hard on preppier labels such as J. Crew and Kate Spade — who can resist? Here are my educated guesses for what will further fuel my obsession with all things lovely and preppy in the new year:
Karen Walker | Ralph Lauren
Demure hemlines and cinched waists are a little Mad Men but still modern, thanks to the clever addition of cheerful pops of color and glittery metallics. The buckles are front and center, acting as necessary details of the outfits instead of mere afterthoughts. I’d keep it classic with the tried-and-true shapes of the pencil and A-line skirts. The pockets of the Karen Walker skirt are probably my favorite detail and bring the A-line silhouette up to speed with 2011.
Bracelet watches add a girlish and whimsical touch to any ensemble. The detailed links make them seem far more delicate than most watches, and the classic faces keep them elegant and (I have to do this) timeless. Personally, I’m a sucker for the minimalist look of this Fossil watch; I love the clean lines and classic twists. The Anne Klein two-tone watch, though, has intricate work on the band that makes it equally sophisticated.
I adore how the metallic tweed so seamlessly updates this chain-strap hobo (plus, the idea of metallic tweed is pretty fantastic in and of itself). It lends a downtown vibe to the typically uptown fabric, making it perfect for a new year and a new look. The black ribbon is particularly cheeky as well, especially how it’s interwoven at random throughout the gold chain links.
This Aqua tunic initially got me hooked to the idea of pairing a long, thick sweater over a skirt so that the ruffles peek out just so. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, but is a cinch to recreate. Since I all but bleed the color grey, my personal pick would be this grey sweater over a black chiffon skirt. I love the collared shirt underneath — it adds some interest and allows for more color, perhaps a soft blue or even crisp white.
I’ll never be able to shut up about my affection for wedge boots. They’re far more casual than heels but can still be dressed up, making them incredibly versatile. Plus, you get the same confidence-boosting lift and the subsequent saunter that heels usually afford, meaning that they’re perfect for someone who loves the perks of heels but doesn’t want to traipse around in pain. The look is most elegant when the wedge matches the color of the shoe and the two blend seamlessly, as in both options shown above. This elongates the leg and ultimately, creates a flattering silhouette.
Thank you so much Deanna!!!

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Ashley Lauren

Preppy fashion is so fun! It truly displays your playful personality! I love the Karen Walker skirt and the J.Crew bag -they are simply divine!! I'm a new follower of Mellow Fever — xoxo

Nuha Sofiyan

I want every single thing in this post!! The first picture set is perfect for school…not too overdone, but cute and comfortable. Thanks for sharing! xoxo