Guest Post- Suiting Up

Suiting Up by Freckles

Hey yall! I’m so excited to be guest blogging for my friend and first cousin, College Prepster! As it is the custom of College Prepster to use a fun pen name, you can call me Freckles! I’ve loved reading all about Sporty Sister’s high school graduation excitement…I just graduated from college (Geaux Tigers!) so I thought a post on preppy suiting outfit options would be perfectly fitting!!

I got my first fancy suit as a present from my parents for my 21st birthday (I know a lady never tells her age, but it was last July!)

After much research and contemplation (I’m almost as thorough as College Prepster!) I chose a J.Crew Stretch Wool Suit in Heather Carbon. I got the standard J.Crew pencil skirt and I chose the 3 button jacket for a more conservative look and to ‘lock and load’ my larger chest (Stacy and Clinton from What not to Wear would be proud!)

College Prepster Side Note: Lock and Load just cracks me up!!! It’s a phrase a lot of coxswains use during races!!!

The suit is beautiful with lovely silk lining and a little stretch! I’ve worn it on a few interviews so far. I love that J.Crew suiting is sort of mix and match…There are 3 varieties of pants that match my Stretch Wool Blazer, and even more options for mix and match if you choose a jacket in a different material (The Super 120s, 3 button is totally on my radar!). But I realize that one suit, does not a work wardrobe make! My sister, ‘LA Law’, has a whole closet full of J.Crew, but she claims it’s because her size is always on sale, and not because she has a J.Crew card (LA Law LITERALLY bought stock in J.Crew, It’s publically traded).

I’m applying for jobs on the Hill (maybe College Prepster and I will end up neighbors!) and eagerly scouring my favorite shopping websites for more work wear! Although I LOVE the J.Crew style, a whole new wardrobe of J.Crew staples would totally break the bank! But there are LOTS of awesome retailers that are *ahem* emulating the J.Crew style!

My favorite so far has GOT to be the new Talbot’s collection. I know what youre thinking, Talbots is NOT for young ladies….But you’re wrong! The Talbot’s brand recently underwent an update and although their famous ‘Red Front Door’ can still be found in malls and shopping centers around the country, this is not your Granny’s Talbots!!

What do yall think?

This one is a dead ringer for my lovely J.Crew look… but thats ok I still love mine!!!) has tons of patterns, and accommodates all sizes, Ladies’, Womens’ and Petites!!
Good luck on the job hunt yall!!

(Thanks this was super fun! I’d love to do another anytime CollegePrepster will have me!)

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pve design

When I first came to the city and needed a work wardrobe, the best investment is a suit and good shoes. I love your stylish suit and that you can mix and match. I also love a bit of "vintage" – perhaps a sweater, or a brooch to add a "lady-like" touch.


This is great! I am vehemently against 90s power suits. The trimmer tailored look is perfect! I'm working at a law office over the summer, and lots of the female attorneys dress in this style.


Banana Republic also has some cute suiting clothes. The skirts are about half the price as J.Crew ones!