Hamilton Princess Beach Club

When I was invited to stay at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda, I was most excited about visiting the beaches. The hotel itself isn’t directly on the beach but instead has a private beach club not too far away. Traveling during the “off-season” is always a risk, pretty much wherever you go. On Saturday, the weather ended up being pretty gorgeous. It was a little bit chilly when the wind picked up, but otherwise, it was clear and sunny.

The best benefit, though? Empty beaches. The beach club was absolutely deserted, and we truly had the whole place to ourselves. I dipped my toes in the water, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for a full plunge. They have these hammocks (the angled poles popping up in the water if you look closely) in the water. I’m dying to go back this summer just to relax in one of them!

College Prepster Bathing Suit

I started off in one of my favorite sweaters (this one is similar). I’m not sure why retailers are so adamant about pulling sweaters from the shelves so quickly. As far as I’m concerned, they’re a year-round staple. Pretty much no matter where I travel, I pack at least two sweaters. At the very least, I know I’ll wear one on the plane, and one will inevitably tag along for dinners in chilly restaurants. And in this case– on the beach.

Lifeguard Beach


I had purchased this Liberty floral bathing suit on a whim. I ordered about ten suits actually with the intention of returning most (thank you, free return shipping on swim!). There were a few online that I loved and assumed they’d be the keepers, but the floral ruffle-y number just stole my heart. I have to be careful about wearing white things since I am practically glow-in-the-dark pale, but the floral print breaks up the white perfectly.

Hamilton Princess

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

Hamilton Princess Beach Club

I will be packing it for my upcoming Palm Beach trip too. I think it will be a little warmer down there! It comes in a one-piece as well as a different top. I wish there was a matching cover up and/or rash guard too.

College Prepster Carly Heitlinger

Have I mentioned that I’m dying to go back already?!

J. Crew Liberty Floral Bathing Suit

Photos by Carter Fish

Bathing Suit Top // Bathing Suit Bottoms // Similar Sweater // Similar Bracelet // Similar Necklace // Sunglasses // Lip Color: “Red Carpet”

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Jordana @WhiteCabana

Absolutely gorgeous photos! The one with the ring buoy – awesome! Again – the red lip surely pops in these photos! Keep going with it!
p.s. An invite to Bermuda…I’ll keep watching my mail! 🙂


That swimsuit is so cute! Also, have to add that your abs look great. You’re clearly killing the workouts.


Stunning photos! You look adorable and I love the idea of the sweater by the beach 🙂



Red is YOUR color! Looking gorgeous. I love the Hammie P, can’t wait to get back one of these days.

Katie McC

LOVEEEEEEE these photos!!! I agree with the whole sweater thing. I even live in FL and wear them year round (esp windy summer nights on the beach). Finding cute or practical options during off-seasons can be so hard. You are beautiful and that trip looks and sounds like so much fun! Can I ask what lens you or Carter Fish used for these photos? I’m in the market for buying a new lens but I can’t quite decide which one I want to invest in just yet. You should do a post on how you edit your photos! I’m interested to see the process you use. =)


You look lovely, gorgeous, right out of a catalog pictures!! Love it!! I feel like you bloomed after your break-up from your boyfriend!!


You look amazing! You are so fit and toned, and that swimsuit is to die for. Hope you had a blast on your trip!!