Hannukah and Hillary

My last final is tomorrow!!! I know, I know… SOOOO late. You have no idea how hard it is to focus when everyone (who isn’t stranded, of course) is home. Throw a day full of snow in the mix, and you have a very difficult study environment!!!

I spent most of the Saturday working in the library. I ended up giving up and going to play in the SNOW! I started studying with friends at 10 this morning and continued until 5 when I decided I was in need of a study break.

Since Hanukkah occurred while I was still at school, my mom sent me a box of presents. Each was individually wrapped and labeled for the appropriate night.

  1. Lilly cups
  2. Christmas tree peeps (not in the picture because California Funk, Fordham Prepster, and I ate them all within seconds of me opening them)
  3. Lilly pencils
  4. Lilly highlighters
  5. Pocket Lilly Pad
  6. Christmas tree Reese’s (again, consumed upon opening)
  7. Soy Lotion MILK by Archipelago Botanicals [best lotion EVER]
  8. Tin of mints!

On the 14th, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on Human Rights on campus. The event was at 12, doors opened at 11, and I got in line at 10. It was so chilly waiting outside. The line wrapped around a parking lot and snaked along side a few buildings. Everyone was studying which was pretty funny to watch. Even though we got there early, we were only at the half way point. We ended up being part of the last twenty people to get inside. SOOOO lucky!

Wish me luck on my statistics final tomorrow!!!

-College Prepster

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Holly Sails

Good luck! (Okay, how I know my brain is on break… I typed that, went 'huh, that doesn't look right' and realized I had typed 'Look guck!' Um yeah.) Love those Lilly cups!


I love the Lilly highlighters, I need to add them to my Christmas list!! Good Luck on your test, you will do great!! Have a great Monday!


You are so lucky for being able to see Hillary! It's very rare that we get someone that distinguished at my school.
I hope your exam went well. I'm sure your care package from your mom made your studying more fun.