Happy Birthday Sporty Sister!

(book club postponed until tomorrow)
Happy 20th Birthday to the best little sister in the world.
You know, the whole psychology behind birth order and personality totally fits the two of us.  I’m super uptight and she’s totally go with the flow.  I’d rather spend 23 hours by myself and 1 with other people, and she’d… well… love to spend 24 hours surrounded by friends!
We’re so different… both our personalities and our looks.  (I’m still bitter that she got the olive skin gene….) But we get along really well.
If there was to be one picture I wanted to remember my childhood, this would definitely be it.  It’s so perfect and so “us.”

But this one is pretty great too!  Pocahontas birthday party in Boston… love it.
Happy Birthday Sissy 🙂

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I know exactly what you mean.. I am the oldest child in my family and only girl and I am extremely type-A and love to have time for myself — alone, haha. My brother who is 18 months younger loves to be out with his friends all the time and is bored and doesn't know what to with himself if he is sitting at home. It makes things interesting to be so different! Happy birthday to your sister!