Happy First Day of Fall

I have mixed feelings about today being the first day of fall. This has been such a great summer that I can’t believe it’s over and kind of wish it’d last forever. But I love the fall season and the cool mornings (it was 38 degrees one morning last week!) and changing leaves do have me eager from crisp days and fall activities.

I jumped the gun a little bit and got a bunch of mums for our front porch. I’m going to do a few more for the back of our house and by our rocking chairs– where it’s finally nice enough to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or sit to do some work in the afternoon.

Mums Front Porch

My pups are loving the decorations… seriously. I usually let them out in the morning (we got an invisible fence!) and run back inside to start the coffee while they’re doing their thing. Last week, I went out to let them back in and couldn’t find them. Instantly I panicked thinking they had escaped the fence or something and it was still dark out. I ran upstairs to grab shoes and a robe and was literally about to canvas the neighborhood. But nope. They were both sitting pretty on the porch steps just having themselves a relaxing morning.

Preppy Fall Outfit

I had a bunch of questions about where I got the baskets for the mums and I wish I had a more exciting answer… I just picked them up at the garden center. There are so many great local garden centers around our town and neighboring towns. I’ve been popping into a different one every month or so to get the lay of the land. My favorite so far is The Farm at Green Village. It feels like a mecca for all things gardening!!


Fall Outfit

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Lauren G

The orange mums (and the pups, of course) are SO adorable! These pictures inspired me to stop by the plant nursery on my way home from work. I’m indulging in all things fall today!


“They were both sitting pretty on the porch steps just having themselves a relaxing morning.” LOL So cute!!!