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Harry Potter Gifts

Ever since starting to read Harry Potter again, I’ve been on the biggest HP kick. My sister and I have all the books in Florida, but I only brought the book I was reading back to Connecticut since my luggage was stuffed already. I found myself standing at the Harry Potter table in Barnes and Noble for far too long trying to decide what cover I wanted to choose between. Not sure how embarrassed I should be about this…
When I posted this Instagram weeks ago, I realized how much everyone loves Harry Potter. With Christmas creeping up, I’m rounding up some cute Harry Potter gifts. (There are some crazy things out there, but these are all things I think are quality and adorable!)

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Alexa Tomey

Since your post, I started the HP series again too. Almost done with Book 1 and am loving it!! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 And what a fun post!

Tori Moore

I got the box set for Christmas a couple of years ago and I make a point to read it every year during the holidays! It's one of the best gifts I've ever received!

Monica T.

I love these items! Wish the sweatshirt wasn't coming from Thailand though….prob won't drive on time…but the pencils are equally as cool!