Hat Envy

It’s snowing (again) in the city so I’m even more looking forward to going to the Dominican in a couple of weeks. YAY. I’ve been looking through photos (on Pinterest, of course) to get in the “warm weather spirit.” Extra inspired by Slim Aarons’ photographs.
It started when I was looking for bathing suits (I ended up getting this one and this one), but the photos are making me seriously consider a cute little hat. Cute and protective? Sign me up. But I’m kind of worried that I won’t be able to pull it off. Hats are tricky, no?
I tried on the panama hat at J. Crew and I feel like possibly, just possibly, I can do it…. Other favorites below:

Any favorite hat suggestions? Tips for really rocking a hat at the beach?

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I for some reason look good in hats and I love them at the beach, on the town I love them, my boyfriend says I look like Audrey Hepburn:) some people look amazing in hats and others just don't but I think you will rock all the hat choices that you have, and of course I love your picks:) Have fun on the VK


That's funny — I left DR three days ago and now I'm now in Europe, enjoying the cold! It was just getting too hot for me there, haha. I'm curious, where would you be going? Santo Domingo, or one of the popular turistic places, like Punta Cana?