Have a Merry.. and Preppy… Christmas!

They say friends and family know you best.  And mine certainly do!  

After surviving my first semester at college, I was so excited to leave cold and snow and come back home to warm and sun.  I bundled up on the 18th of December and boarded my plane.  Luckily I planned ahead and made sure to wear a short sleeved Lacoste polo under my pea coat, because when I got off the plane, I was hit with warm, humid Florida air.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite plan well for my wardrobe for my break.  The previous night I had relentlessly shoved sweaters and jeans into my suitcase (big mistake!).  At least I wear the same size as Sporty Sister.
Anyways, I was so happy to be home.  I can finally lay on a real couch (none of that uncomfortable common room “furniture”), watch TV (I really have missed TiVo haha), and taking a shower WITHOUT shoes!  Hmmm… I guess there is no place like home…
I helped my mom decorate the house.  Soccer Mom prides herself with her “visions” and they looked especially wonderful this year.  Last year, we obsessed over lighted garland.  Typically, we use live garland, but I hate those icky needles!  I bought out Target of their lighted garland and Soccer Mom stored it away for this year.  To my delight, the garland was already hung up on the stairs, complete with candy cane ribbon bows!  Last year’s vision for the dining room was a Winter Wonderland.  The table setting was completely white, as was all of the desserts.  YUM!
This year, my mom had bought St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ornaments by Christopher Radko.  They are absolutely adorable.  We took multiple trips to craft stores to get the perfect ribbon to hang them from the chandelier.  The colorful centerpiece was so different than last year’s vision, but stunning nonetheless.
I am a coxswain (the short person who sits in the boat and instructs rowers on what to do) and my mom thought of a PERFECT gift.  A Lilly Pulitzer inspired oar!  A local woman paints the most BEAUTIFUL items (picture frames, flags, ornaments, you name it!).  The oar is just so me.  I love anything with a monogram and, of course, my monogram is on the oar!  I LOVE IT!!!  It is going to look so cute in my dorm room!  (I’ll post pictures of it in my dorm when I get back!)
I also received a Vineyard Vines Koozie and notepad from the owner of my favorite store.  And a family friend gave me a Lilly robe… perfect for running from the shower back to my room in the dorm.  I also received a paperweight with Lilly fabric.  It is going to look SO cute on my desk!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season 🙂
-College Prepster

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