Heart Lists

I have a slight problem when it comes to lectures for class…. My hands have to be doing something or else I lose complete focus.
Especially when it comes to philosophy.  I mean, that stuff is crazy, and I get the absolute worst headaches when I start thinking about philosophy too much!!!
I have like (no joke) 50 pages of doodles in my binder.  But recently I’ve begun to doodle these “HEART lists.”  Basically, it’s a list of things I’m loving that particular day!
 (1) Rugby Tuesday (a weekly tradition)… (2) Kate Spade Bangle… (3) crewcuts Cupcake Skirt…. (4) Netflix… (5)… (6) tumblr… (7) Gumdrops
[I must have been paying a lot of attention during this class, because I didn’t finish!]
(1) Starbucks Red Cup + Cinnamon coffee… (2) Kate Spade
(1) Birthday Cake at Practice… (2) Little V’s closet… (3) Glitter nail polish
(1) Yogurt covered pretzels… (2) Knee socks… (3) Checking things off The List
What’s on your HEART list?
PS Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY with N&L
PPS Big shoutout to the girls of Ursuline School- thanks for reading my blog!!!!! (Nora & Annabel especially- too cute!)

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Clare Lennon

Glad to know I'm not the only compulsive doodler. I am thinking about getting a doodling notebook. I end up clogging up the margins of my econ notes!

Caitlin G

i love this idea, yours are so cute! i've started doodling these during class… somehow seems more productive than drawing my name in bubble letters a hundred times haha!