I have some of the greatest friends and family. I’m constantly reminded of how much I love them. They deal (for the most part) with my crazies. They laugh with (and “at” sometimes, in a nice way of course) me.
I was reminded once again on my birthday how fantastic they all are.

We all went to Rugby Cafe. It’s our favorite Tuesday tradition.

California Funk got me the most perfect framed picture. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite ones of the three of us. Oh, and he also got me this ridiculous (but incredibly perfect) service, where some random person calls me every day to tell me that I’m awesome. Ya, awesome.

Georgetown Boy got me something Georgetown OF COURSE! A super cute crew neck Georgetown sweatshirt. He has the same one actually… so we can be twins later!!! Below picture is from freshman year…
And Big Mike (one of the Henley boys) got me more Vera Bradley clips… aka I can now OCD organize more cords!!!

Little V and Politician Preppie got me the CUTEST shoes and shirt while on ACK. Ahhh love them so much!!!
Judy got me stationery (e not a), monogrammed coasters, and these fabulous bookends. She put pictures of my sister and me when we were little in one, and our latest holiday card in the other!Among other things, my family got me a Kate Spade clutch that I had been absolutely coveting. It’s the perfect size and can be worn like a crossbody. Plus, who doesn’t love a little grosgrain???

As is tradition, Soccer Dad had Georgetown Cupcakes delivered. 21. Yum… this is all that’s left though! haha

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What amazing friends and family you have! Your life seems to be amazing right now! And that is all because you are a kind person!


It seems you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by friends.

Btw, I've used your VB binder clip idea for my laptops. I think of you every time I DON'T have to scour the floor to find the cord.

Happy Birthday!