Helicopter Tour of NYC

Garrett’s birthday was four months ago, but we finally got around to doing his present! He loves helicopters so I knew a helicopter ride would be the perfect gift. (I gave him a toy helicopter with the gift certificate from Manhattan Helicopters for the ride on his actual birthday.) Between our two schedules, we couldn’t find a good time to go. Then I think we kind of forgot until I looked at the gift certificate and realized it expired at the end of January!
I’ve never ridden in a helicopter and it was completely different than I expected. I assumed the flight would feel choppy, but it was such a smooth ride! (Oh, and getting in the helicopter totally reminded me of the helicopter scene in Annie.)
I had the worst seat. It was just like the middle seat in a car, squished. The views were still great because the windows were huge, but it was difficult to get good photos since I couldn’t get that close. 
Love this photo of Garrett with the Freedom Tower.
It’s so cool to see the city from this height and angle. Totally worth the trip whether or not you’re a tourist! We circled the Statue of Liberty and it was beautiful there with the city in the background.

If you want something fun or different to do, if you’re visiting or live here, you should definitely give the helicopter tour a try!

Have you done something touristy in your city that was super fun?

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That is amazing!! Those photos are spectacular. I always love when my friends come and visit me because it gives me an excuse to do the touristy things. My favorite is go to all the museums in Chicago that I normally wouldn't go to.

Annie Belle


That picture of you is BEAUTIFUL, Carly! I haven't been very touristy in my hometown (I live close to Cincinnati), but recently me and two of my close friends went ice-skating in the center of downtown and it was really fun! It's such a "typical Cincinnati-native" activity that I normally stay away, but it was fun! Glad you and Garrett had fun!

Ohio Stripes

Audrey Lin

During my last semester of high school, my friends and I decided to do more photography and exploring. We went to an international school in China and are now mostly in different parts of the States for college, and some of us are in Canada and Scotland. Anyways, during our last few months all together we did a lot of touring of our own city, visiting the hutongs, and a lot of cafe hopping! It was probably one of the most eventful times of my high school experience. I just wish that we didn't wait until the last few months to adventure through our city 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's



What coat are you wearing in this post? It looks super warm and I'll be heading back to NYC in a week and a half and need a new coat!


Have you ever written about how you and Garrett met/started dating? I'd love to read about that someday! 🙂


I love giving the gift of experience! I gave my dad a helicopter lesson for his birthday last year and he loved it! He's always wanted to fly one. I'm loving these pics of NYC! Looks like a blast.
xo, chekara |