HELLO 2023

Hello, hello! I’m back after a gloriously long two-week break. It was a break from work, but it was pretty go-go-go. I’ll do a proper catch up soon, and have plenty of posts recapping some of my 2022 favorites coming up. Today’s post though is one of my favorite both to write and to look back on: my intentions for the year.

Last year my intention for 2022 was to find the beautiful in the everyday. I think I did it so well, honestly. There is something about watching the world unfold from the eyes of a baby-turned-toddler to really make you appreciate the small things. They feel so big! 2022 was filled with actual big events (I had a mini book tour and visited multiple states, was a keynote speaker at a conference, moderated a panel with the Bush twins, was on live television a couple of times, was in the WSJ, had my best year yet for my business, went on a bunch of great vacations)…. and yet, the small everyday moments are what stand out to me the most.

Watching Jack try foods for the first time, hearing him speak his first words. His first time crawling and then walking and now climbing and running. Dinners with Mike and walks with friends. Long drives with long chats. Sitting in our basement playroom, reading in bed, finishing a giant needlepoint project. Hot summer days sitting in the sand at our pond club with our neighbors. Our life is so full and so beautiful– I feel extremely lucky.

Which brings me to my intention for 2023: having an abundance mindset. To be honest, I don’t think this is the “traditional” way of thinking about an abundance mindset, but here’s how I’m framing things for this year. We are so fortunate and I genuinely feel so grateful… and yet, I still find myself on this hamster wheel of wanting more and it not only leads to overall unhappiness and stress, but it makes me overlook what we already have. I constantly feel like I should be doing more and that what I’m doing isn’t enough and it’s exhausting. (And honestly just so dumb because every cup in my life is overflowing already. At the end of the year, I told Mike, “I should have worked harder in this area this year,” and he looked at me and goes, “is there anything actually missing in our lives?” and the answer was…. no.

What we have is MORE than enough. We are abundant in every sense of the word, truly, and that is something to be celebrated– and not to be forgotten. It’s hardest as I scroll through Instagram and TikTok and watch Youtube videos and read blogs. So that’s my intention for 2023. Know we already have an abundance of everything we really need and could want.

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I love your intentions. I have a word this year which is discipline.

It sounds like come to terms with what your “enough” is. How much is enough? What will you be happy with? Questions I have been asking myself lately too.


Social media conditions everyone to compare and compete, and as the saying goes, comparison is the thief of joy. There is much to be said for being able to look at your daily life and realize that you can check off satisfaction boxes going about your day-to-day routine.


Kate, you are so spot on with this mindset. This year I’m withdrawing from social media and being more present in my life with loved ones and the daily beautiful life.

Karen J

This resonates with me! I’m starting off the year reading a book title Essentialism (by Greg McKeown) to help me focus on what I really care about and not get caught up in that hamster wheel!


Thank you for sharing that wise message.
My intention for this year is to be at Peace. Wishing you blessings in the upcoming year.