HELLO, 2024

I normally do this post as my first post back from the year! It’s actually pretty on brand for my year that it’s a little late. I didn’t want to skip it though as I love reflecting back on these posts throughout the year to see how I’m doing.

Let’s start with a reflection on how I did in 2023… My intention for the year was to have an abundance mindset. I think more than anything, I was humbled in 2023. It was a hard year personally and I really spent most of the year trying to put one foot in front of the other in terms of surviving. Ultimately, that may be the epitome of not needing more when you’re just focused on getting through the day. While I may not have been able to focus on an abundance mindset throughout the year, I absolutely ended the year knowing, solidly, that I had everything I needed and that was more than enough.

Now… my intention for 2024… Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m going into this year with an open mind and an open heart. I actually don’t want to put any pressure on myself this year because we’re going to have such a big shift in our family with a new baby in February. I know that I can’t control everything and that a huge part of parenting is just surrendering to the role. I don’t know what the year will hold in a lot of ways (how the transition from one to two will go, how Jack will react, how our family dynamics with shift, how my work flow will be affected) but I do know it’s going to be filled with a lot of love and growth.

Already having one child, I do know just how fast time flies. (When people say it goes fast, you really can’t even begin to imagine how fast. I feel like I was just getting ready to have Jack a blink ago!) I think I’m going into 2024 already waving a white flag just to say that I’m ready to take things on, as they come, when they come, in whatever capacity they come.

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Julie C

Beautiful Carly – hoping your open mind and heart are greeted with wonderful surprises and awe inspiring moments. Cheers to 2024!

Celene Berman

That is an excellent attitude! You will find as you go along the wonderful journey of life there is nothing you can actually control other than your own reaction. And only that with a whole lot of mindfulness!!! May this year be as positive for you as last year wasn’t. All the very best wishes!!!

Roslynn Mitchell

I’m sorry that last year was so difficult. I feel that you present in such a positive fashion and handle things so thoughtfully, that I wouldn’t assume this was the case.

It’s easy to make assumptions, so I guess we all need to remember that everyone is going through something, we may never know exactly what, and to treat each other as kindly as possible. It’s not always possible to help someone out, but we certainly don’t want to make things harder. I hope this year proves to be easier for you.


Long time follower, first or second time commenting. You’ve mentioned how hard 2023 was personally and I know you don’t have to share *everything* but are you ok? I appreciate your transparency and not pretending that everything is perfect. Just wanted to send a virtual hug and warm wishes for 2024 💖


I continue to love being in your “corner of the internet” – I’m such a Carly fan. I hope 2024 brings you wonder, love, and abundance.