Help Wanted

I need some help with TCP here in NYC! Pretty simply… I’m looking for an intern!!!
If you’re…
A student in New York City
Super driven
Left or Right brained*
An early bird
and willing to work with an eccentric person (aka me)
… please apply!
*There’s plenty of creative and non-creative work

The Details:
The internship can definitely be tailored to an individual. Whether you’re super into numbers or you’re more artsy, I will definitely be able to create an internship that works towards your strengths. I would like to be able to meet in person at least twice a week for a few hours… and those hours would be pretty early in the morning (~7am to 10am).
To Apply:

Send me an email (carly [at] thecollegeprepster [dot] com) with “INTERN” in the subject line. Please attach a resume and cover letter. 
Good news! If you’re not in New York City– Sweet Lemon Magazine is looking for a PR intern too! This can be a remote internship as we work together completely digitally. (Paris and I have never met in person!!!)
To Apply:

Send an email (hello [at] sweetlemonmag [dot] com) with “PR INTERN” in the subject line. Please attach a resume and cover letter.

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I wish I could magically show up in New York to be your intern, Carly!
Just imagine all the fun that would be. 🙂
Man, oh man. Whoever gets the position of being your intern will be one lucky ducky.

Good luck with the search!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.